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NHS to start prescribing Apps

NHS to start prescribing Apps to patients with long term conditions
Having read this I do feel that this could be a big step forward for those with long term illnesses, and may cut down appointments each yearIf this is picked up used for other illnesses it could be a huge step forward, for those with chest and Heart problems
The future of healthcare could be in your pocket.
Two new medical apps that help people monitor their health at home, reducing their need to visit a doctor, are set to be rolled out to as many as four UK National Health Service trusts over the next year.
The apps, which are currently being trialled in four hospitals in Oxfordshire, UK, transmit patient data from a tablet or smartphone directly to clinicians. According to

Children and dementia

There is a lot of stigma around around dementia these days, but it's amazing how children react to those with the illness There have been a few stories in the media about children going into care homes and helping those with the illness to learn art etc.I have noticed on  my travels with dementia friends training,  that children are far more forth coming and engaging that  many adults, and what is more they don't seem to hold back, if they have questions or something to ask.We did a few sessions with some girl guides and they were absolutely amazing to work with.I do feel that adults are more reserved,  perhaps frightened of the name, as well as the illnessIn some cases this is expected if they have someone in the family who has dementia, but it seems that children are becoming more active in supporting people with the illness. Years ago they would have been kept well away, but these days, they are leading the fight and are very supportive It could well be that adults from a c…

Lewy Body Society

Today, my wife and I had the honour of joining many guests from the Lewy Body Society at the House of Commons to celebrate their 10 years as a charity.This charity ws set up by Ashley Bayston, to honour those who lost their lives to this terrible illness. Since it started the running of the charity was taken over by Jacqui Cannon, the CEO.Jacqui works tirelessly to give the charity a higher profile, in honour of her father who had the illness until he passed away This charity is supported by people like Prof  Ian McKeith who is the  Lewy Body Societies President, and who works  tirelessly at Newcastle university,  looking and researching Lewy  Body Dementia Without this Gentleman's eagerness we would not have the answers we have today, and while we have no cure, I have no doubt that it will come sooner or later.Newcastle University is one of the top Dementia research places in the UK, if not in Europe,  and like others I have every faith that sooner or later, they will find the an…

Smoking and health

We hear so much these days about smoking being bad for your health, yet I do wonder if people take any notice of these warnings I find it very hard going to our local hospitals, because you end up having to walk through a wall of smoke, from people who simply ignore the No Smoking Signs.To my it's wrong when this happens, but  I dont think that I am alone Even outside the main door to the Accident and Emergency Department, these people can bee seen, puffing away.However these are not all visitors, some are patients in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. Years ago I remember a consultant telling patients to stop smoking before they were admitted into hospital for an operation. But I suppose these days, it's against people's civil liberties telling them to stop smokingI understand that some hospitals work  with patients, so they can give up smoking before they go into hospital, but not everyone wants to give it upHowever it's not just cigarettes which can be hazardous thes…


While I was working, I had two computers on my desk.
One for general work, like estimates, health and safety, reports and electrical testing etc.
The other computer controlled every boiler room and ventialtion systems in the college, and if there was a fault, I could sort it out without leaving my chair.
These days I have lost a lot of this information,  and I am just hanging onto using a tablet computer for basic things.
But I think that it's all down to understand and processing the information, which is in front of me.
I struggle at times listening to what is being said, and hope that I have understood it properly,  before I answer .
I was horrified when  I started writing a blog, because I did not recognise certain obvious things, and even these days it's a struggle. I have noticed that when Google change things on the blog, I get confused and uncertain about what I need to do.
But it's all down to a lack of basic information processing, and it's becoming har…

Social care cuts

We are seeing cuts to our social care in many local areas of the  UK, and this problem will only get worse before it can be improved.
The NHS is struggling to cope, because people are not getting the social care they really need, and when this happens, hospitals get clogged up with patients who should be at home or in care homes etc.
This problem cannot be allowed to carry on, and if councils cannot or will not provide social care, it should be taken over and provided be the NHS, and then the councils should be charged for it.
As we know social care is funded locally from things like council tax.
But there is a major problem with this, and that is that the council tax raised in your area, is not used locally, but is sent to Whitehall where it is then spilt amongst other councils in the UK.
Many councils are facing savage cuts in funding, while at the same time they are seeing their council taxes being used by other county councils, who in many cases are much better off.
These coun…

Robots and care of the elderly

Academics turn to robots to solve aged care dilemma Many of us remember being enthralled as kids by the future of robots. Remember the Jetsons with their robotic maid?

This could be the future of aged care.
Many of us remember being enthralled as kids by the future of robots.
Remember the Jetsons with their robotic maid?

But how many of us actually thought we’d ever end up with a robotic helper of our own?
It could be a reality sooner than we think, but instead of helping us around the home, robots could find their home in a much more socially responsible role.

We’ve all heard about fears of a future shortage of aged care workers and a big increase in demand for aged care facilities and services, and now academics think they might have the answer.

According to reports in the BBC, a group of academics believe that robots could be the answer to the crisis facing the future of caring for the elderly.

That’s right, researchers from two British universities are working on a multi-million…

Early Diagnosis Important

Early diagnosis beneficial for people with dementia

MondayPosted at 5:00 AM

By Encarnacion Pyle
The Columbus Dispatch
At first, Chuck Brockman started misplacing his keys and wallet.

It must be signs of getting older, Brockman thought. The East Side resident was 56 at the time, which, "while not old, wasn't young, either," he told himself.

He then kept forgetting to punch in and out of work and couldn't remember how to add or the combination to his locker.

His doctor told him he was stressed and overworked and should try relaxing more.

But once he started having hallucinations and vivid dreams, including one in which an angel told him the date of his not-so-distant death, Brockman knew he was dealing with something much more serious.

So he went back to his doctor, who diagnosed Alzheimer's disease, the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States.

A specialist - a doctor treating his mother for Alzheimer's - later confirmed that Brockman ha…

The Role of Robots in society

A lot has been written in  the media about the role of Robots in a caring role in society.This could include helping people to remember to take their medication on time, or playing games with someone living on their own,  etc.I confess that I have a fascination with Robots, as I remember, going to the cinema as a child and seeing a film called the  "Forbidden Planet",  and the robot was called Robbie.Since then I have grown up wondering what role Robots would have in  any future society.I admit that Robots these days,  look vastly different to those of Robots,  which were around back my early childhood days These days we have Robots working on production lines in factories, and this was never expected, but they seem you be working well.It has been suggested that some Robots could help us to play games, and I guess this is a positive way to help those living on their own. They could also be used your contact the emergency services if something goes wrong. In all honesty when …

Parkinson's Fighting Steroid found

Parkinson's-Fighting Steroid Is Identified in Fast Food Fish

The spiny dogfish shark carries a potent toxin-fighting steroid, which scientists can now manufacture synthetically.


The spiny dogfish shark, which has been marketed as "rock salmon" and reportedly sold as a fast food fish, turns out to carry a potent toxin-fighting steroid that shows promise in treating Parkinson's and a certain form of dementia, new research finds.
Concerns over fast food and fishing of the shark, which is now listed as being vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN, have been erased since scientists have synthesized the steroid—squalamine—in a lab, so no spiny dogfish sharks have to die in order for people to benefit from the compound.
Results of the new research on squalamine, conducted by an international team, are reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
"The synthesized steroid is identical to the molecule produced in the shark," co-seni…

Animals and relaxation

Animals can have a relaxing effect on people, and its now well known that they can help people who are ill including those with a neurological illness

Over the years the animals we had at home, have had an effect on us one way or another, but they are not simply animals, they are actually a major part of our family

Not just that, but they don't ask for anything, just friendship and food, and in return they help us by providing undiluted love and friendship in return.

How many of us have returned home to be greeted by a cat or a dog, running round wildly because we have come back
Our two dogs had an uncanning knack of knowing when you were walking up the street towards the house,  and would sit just inside the front or back door waiting patiently

That's undying friendship and one which cannot be replaced.

Over the years we have had a cat, two dogs, a Budgie  and a tropical fish aquarium, but I think we got the most pleasure from either a dog or a cat.

What is more, these fou…