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Further eye tests

I had to return to the eye hospital on Monday, and expected problems, when we explained that I was supposed to go to the spacial awareness clinic, rather than seeing ophthalmologist

But I saw a different opthamologist who did the tests in a different way according to my wife, and was more thorough this time.
I then saw a specialist, who said that he understood our concerns, but he was trying to work out in his own mind whether my problems were simply eye problems or linked back to the brain. 
He did a few more tests, and then said that as my prisms had been changed again since my last visit, he was concerned, and wants to see me again within two months, to see if the prisms help. 
This will also allow him time to consult the spacial awareness clinic to see what they think. 
It seems that the muscles in one eye are weakened, and the eye is trying to turn outwards, and this is why I need to turn my head slightly to watch television and look straight ahead etc. This  also accounts for the…

Weekened away

This weekend we decided to go and stay in our static caravan in Barnard Castle.

It has been a stressful week as we were trying to sort out problems with a mobile phone, and ended up changing the phone twice, because they were not picking up the signal as they should. 
After a stressful time talking to our provider we decided to go away to try and relax.
We started loading up the car, and then I dropped the caravan television breaking its base. 
This was not a good start, but we took the other television out of our back bedroom, and my wife carried it out just in case I dropped that one. I confess that the television box bottom fell out, but I suppose it's really my fault for not having my hand under  the box as I carried it.
The weather was lovely but I had two very bad nights, and in the end we were close to coming home early, but I wanted to try a third night.  That third night all went off well and I slept through without any problems. 
We had a lovely relaxing weekend, with l…

Visual perception problems

Over the last few years I confess to struggling with seeing things that were either not there or I simply did not recognise them properly

This can lead to many different problems, some of which can be distressing, if you do not understand what is going on. 
I often have problems writing documents down now, because I often repeat  complete sentences etc, and never see this until it is checked and pointed out by either my wife or someone else. 
On a few occasions it's been too late to spot mistakes and if I have been giving a talk, I obviously repeat these things. 
I suppose that while I was working, I never had this problem, but now it's one thing which can be upsetting.
I also have visual problems these days, because when I am out I sometimes see people walking towards me, but I do not always see their faces, and that feels very odd. It also causes problems if it's a friend walking towards you, and then it's embarrassing not being able to recognise them from a short d…

Lewy Body Dementia and coordination

 This document like many others, was written by using Dragon 10  voice activated  software,  to make life easier because of coordination problems.

I do not always say this,  because there are times when I try to write things using the keyboard as normal. This is an old post which has been sitting waiting to be checked for mistakes, although with my eyes and brain I do not always see them

 Early on before my diagnosis of early onset Lewy Body Dementia, I realised that my coordination was going wrong.

This happened at work, but as I was on call 24 hours a day I put it down to tiredness at times, but then I realised that it must be something else.
It seemed to start with using tools, then I noticed that I had problems typing on the computer.
This caused problems because it meant that some reports took longer than expected, because something had reversed, and although I hand been right handed all of my life, my left hand had now become faster and this caused problems
It meant that althoug…

Eyes and Parkinson’s

I have had a lot of problems with my eyes recently, and this has helped me to understand it much better. Now I need to speak to the Parkinson's Nurse about this

People with Parkinson’s often experience problems with their eyes

and eyesight.1 Some of these problems may be due to Parkinson’s itself, or Parkinson’s medication, but they may also be due to other causes.

This information sheet looks at the common eye problems you may experience, such as blurred vision and glaucoma, and looks at other causes and possible solutions.
Who treats eye problems?

Ophthalmologists – are medically trained doctors. They examine, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in and around the eye. They also perform operations on the eye.

Optometrists – examine eyes and give advice on visual problems. They also prescribe and fit glasses or contact lenses. They usually work in the high street, but may also work in a hospital eye service. Some have a role in caring for patients with stable, long-term (c…

Bad nights return

Last year my  nightly nightmares seemed to ease off, and I thought wrongly that I was at the end of this episode, but I was wrong.

Over the last 4 weeks they have returned with a vengeance, but I simply do not understand why this has happened, because as far as life is concerned there have been very little changes if any.
Some of these things bare no resemblance to real life at all, but no matter how you look at them, you are a major part of these things.
I guess that is why so many things have been sent flying during the night when I lashed out, that includes bedside lights which ended up being shattered, because they were sent flying across the bedroom
They are so graphic that it is hard to understand where they stop and reality kicks in. I suppose the problem is that being part of this horror, you are actually acting it out in more ways than enough, and this makes it difficult to cope with.
I have often woken up from one of these, and then I have then sat in the bathroom or have g…

Mobile Phone technology

When I was an engineer there was technology at every point, and I enjoyed it even though I was a late starter, where most of this was concerned
Then my memory started to play up, and I had problems hanging on to using the computer at home.
These days we take technology for granted, and everywhere you look people are using mobile phones, or tablet computers, which in some ways is amazing, considering that it's not so long ago that computers and the Internet started. 
These days I carry a mobile phone for security, and it's very helpful for my wife to keep in touch with me if I am out for a walk.
However over the last few weeks, my wife's phone has been back to the workshops twice because of signal problems, so I am restricted in what I do until it comes back. 
For some reason the phone signal just dropped out, and if I was talking to anyone at the time, the call was cut off. It also meant that the phone went into emergency mode on more than one occasion, so I could not make any c…

Remaining positive

When you have something like Lewy Body Dementia, or Parkinson's, you need to try to remain positive even when things are seemingly dropping apart.

Things like trying to find the right word can be very frustrating at times, and there have been many occasions when I have had to rewrite something, simply because  I could not find the right word, or even spell it. 
On my bad days I use Dragon 10 voice activated software I my computer, and that is helpful, although it was stressful setting it up.
However these days I try to break a  word down in an attempt to write it, and hope that spell check can correct it. 
But there are many other problems which can caused untold stress, usually at times we can do well without it. 
When I was working as an engineer, I used to be good at drawing and sketching, which was handy if I needed to rebuild something. Now that's all gone, and no matter what I do I just cannot copy something like I used to do. 
I can start drawing something, but then I …