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Drug trial for DLB

Public Release: 24-Jan-2018 Drug may help those with dementia with Lewy bodies May reduce movement symptoms without worsening psychiatric symptoms American Academy of Neurology

MINNEAPOLIS - New help may be on the way for people with dementia with Lewy bodies, which is the second most common neurodegenerative type of dementia after Alzheimer's disease.
The disease can cause movement problems and issues such as hallucinations in addition to thinking and memory problems. But the drug used to treat the movement problems can also exacerbate the hallucinations, delusions and other psychiatric problems.
In a new study published in the January 24, 2018, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, researchers may have found some help from an old drug. They found that a drug used to treat seizures may effectively treat the movement symptoms in people with dementia with Lewy bodies without causing additional psy…

What is Bradykinesia

When this term "Bradykinesia" first came up on my hospital notes, I confess that I had no real idea what it meant as it was not discussed. I thought that I was just becoming more clumsy at times and left it at that.

This left me struggling to understand just what was going on inside my brain for some time, but after reading this article , from it is all starting to make more sense now. 

What is Bradykinesia in Parkinson's Disease?
Slowed Movement That Affects Both Fine and Gross Motor Control
By Patrick McNamara, PhD | Reviewed by Claudia Chaves, MD
Updated June 07, 2017
Bradykinesia refers to slowness of movement. It's one of the three characteristic symptoms of Parkinson's disease (tremor and rigidity are the other two). In other words, bradykinesia occurs in everyone who has Parkinson's.

This slowness of movement is most obvious when a person with Parkinson's is starting or performing activities that require s…

Social care

Over the years we have seen  Social Care being cut back more and more due to savage government cuts.
However it amazes me that no one in authority has stood up and said anything constructive
I would have thought that social care is far more important than HS2,  which in many people views , is actually waste of public money, but obviously the wealthy of this country think otherwise
When we look at the House of Lords with all of it's Bishops  etc, I do wonder why they alone have not stood up to be counted.  
They are supposed to look after the people in the land, yet they turn their noses up and do nothing.
However it's not just the Bishops, it's down to the Government who have cut the services down to the bare minimum,  while enjoying a healthy life style
In all honesty I don't think I can ever remember so many religious people in a Government, yet they simply don't care about anyone or anything but them selves
How can these people including the Prime Minister,…

Drop foot

Over the last few years I have struggled to cope with something called drop foot  which is partially linked to Parkinson's disease.
I have no real idea what caused all of this in the first place, and had wondered if it was something to do with my lower back and hip problems,  but no one seems to know
This has caused me to trip at times, because this foot cannot always clear the ground, so I catch it on uneven footpaths and stairs etc, which can be embarrassing
I have spoken to the physiotherapist department in s few occasions about this problem, but was merely told to carry on doing exercises, in the hope that the muscles will get stronger
However on Tuesday  I was given a trial of an OSSUR Foot / Ankle Brace, which it is hoped will help me get over this problem.
This was ordered at the last balance clinic in November, but arrived last week, so an appointment was arranged for Tuesday, so that I could  get it fitted for the trial
After this we went into Newcastle for around 3 ho…

Falls and Freezing

December 2017
Over the last few years I have had many minor accidents and many near misses, due to brain problems.
I know that I am not alone with this problem because many others with neurological llnesses have the same, or very similar  problems
However I do wonder how much is known about these problems, by the professionals like physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
While they are true professionals,  I guess their knowledge may be limited when it comes to certain neurological illnesses.
After seeing people at the movement clinic, it annoyed me because they always say the same things without thinking about it. While some people are helpful, I do wonder about others.
I sometimes go light headed when standing up after being sat down for a while. Their answer as usual, is to take it slowly, stand up slowly and then gradually turn or move off.
But if you wake up from a snooze and need to go to the bathroom, the last thing in your mind is to rise slowly. It's the same wh…

Dementia and Hope

Taken from an earlier Blog

When I was undergoing my first diagnosis in Oxford, and was still working, I never let my religious beliefs go.

I suppose I was hoping that my religion would keep me going, and would save me from whatever was coming.

At this time most, clergy prayed for those who were sick, or dying, and it was generally accepted, because these people were usually seriously ill, either at home in bed or in hospital. 

However, I remember reading notes in my old Office diary the other day, that I was at an Evening Service in Oxford and was staggered to hear the priest praying for me.  My wife said that I looked at her in disbelief, and perhaps shock, wondering why I was being prayed for, when I was in church.
I now understand that it is quite common, to pray for everyone who is ill these days, but I confess this did not help me at the time, and left me feeling very confused 

Originally, I had started going to this evening service because it was very quiet compared to the normal Su…

Not a good start to the year

It's not been a good start to the year, but I am confident things will improve.
Along with memory and Chest problems, my old problem with Irritable Bowel Syndrome returned with a  vengence over Christmas and slightly spoilt our holiday.
I have had to change my diet,  because it's been obvious that things like Curries and Chillies, which I loved have now started to fight back, so these have had to be cut back. I can still manage a Chicken Korma but the rest have been confined to History.
Even chocolate seems to be having the wrong effect these days, and that's hard to accept.
So it's been quite since we got home after Christmas while we waited to see how things were going to pan out. It's now a case of trial and error as far as food is concerned,  which feels odd because I thought the IBS had settled down a few tears ago.
Over the last few years I got quite adventurous as far as food was concerned, but that has now stopped until we see what happens
I confess that …


After hearing in the News that a convicted rapist was being released back into the public domain again, I started to think of all of those abused by this evil monster.
He will be able to move on with a new life, while those he abused will struggle to move on with their lives, and may never get any relief from what happened.
The heart ache and trauma will live with them forever, and will be in the back of their minds for the rest of their lives. They will never really trust anyone, ever again.
Many people have been abused over the years, some as children, some abused in married life by their husband/wife, some in the armed forces and others in schools or care homes.
The military seem to get away with this by claiming, that its a way to toughen up recruits, but how can they get away with this sort of thing.
No matter what happens in life, there really is no excuse at all. I can only assume that by abusing others, you are in some way forcing them to give in, so you are in fact cont…