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memory problems and religion

The other day I was having a conversation with an elderly clergyman.

We were discussing various things, and then I said that I no longer attend churches because the services are all so very different.
He questioned what I meant by this, not pushing his views, but he was interested in my reasons for giving up my religion.
I say giving up my religion!  But I am still a Christian, even though I never attend a church service these days, and as far as that is concerned, I like many thousands of others are still very religious even if we no longer go inside a church. 
It's a long story I said, but it started around 12 years ago when I realised that my memory was going.
Until this time I has always been very religious, and as a boy in the church choir, I would attend three services perhaps each Sunday. 
As an engineer I would go to church, but I would carry a pager for emergencies, and would leave the service if it went off.
How ever 12 years ago I started to forget how to do my job, so…

Mental Health still struggling

The other day, we heard that millions of pounds was being poured into the London Police services, to protect us from security risks.

Later that very day in London, a lady was murdered and other people were badly injured, by someone who appears to be struggling with mental health issues. 
This sadly is not the first murder involving someone with mental health issues in the last few months,  but no one takes any notice.
Had it have been someone acting as a terrorist, the government would have thrown a lot of money and resources at it.
Before the European vote took place, the Government pledged to invest millions of pounds more into the mental health services, but one has to ask where it's all gone and where are the improvements 
For some odd reason this money seems to have disappeared into the NHS and never got to the right place.
To me this is the governments fault, because when it puts money into a service, the money is never ring fenced to prevent it bring used for something els…

Lovely day at the Tees falls

On Sunday my wife, Daughter and I went up to High and Low Falls in the Teesdale valley.

Normally my wife goes to church on a Sunday morning, but as our daughter Claire was staying with us at our static caravan in Barnard Castle, she decided to stay with us so we could spend the morning going out for a drive in the car,

Usually when the river is high the falls come over at the right hand side of the rock formation as well making it look quite spectacular and fearsome