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Problems in dementia

I know that many of us struggle to cope with dementia, but many also struggle with the extra problems like very graphic nightmares and dreams.

Looking at this from a new angle, I do wonder how many people have lived in war zones before this illness, or through other nightmares in life which could come back and have a serious impact on our lives later, like these graphic nightmares.

Many people had problems with being bullied or were abused in younger times, and had no one to turn to for support and help.

These are I suppose some of the things which could have a serious effect later in life, and come back to haunt us.

Many of these things could either have been blocked out of the memory for one reason or another, or simply pushed to one side, as they are difficult to cope with, when the support is not there.

But with all of the graphic media attention these days, these things are coming back to haunt many people, and when the brain is not functioning as it used to do, it is harder to …

Dementia and keeping fit

I have often wondered how you are supposed to keep fit when you have dementia.

I was once told by one doctor at home that I was overweight, and should do something about it.

So after a few weeks of wondering what to do, I was referred to the local gym.

However this was to be short lived, as the instructors knew very little about their roles, let alone dementia.

I went for my induction, and was told to be careful, in following all of the given advice, but has this young lady really been listening when my wife explained that I had dementia, obviously not.

The next day I turned up, and was going to speak to the instructors, who were there that day, but guess what, there was no one available.

So I carefully checked the scribbled notes I had written, and got started.

Eventually I came to the tread mill, and looked at it carefully. The problem being that people with dementia or neurological illnesses know that they don't always see the obvious.

I pressed the button on the machine, and …

Time to Raise Awareness of Dementia Again

Brought out each year, so I can remember what I wrote about raising awareness

It’s time to start our yearly campaign to raise awareness of dementia, and as I am away on holiday at the time of this event, I am trying to, do everything I can before we go away Dementia is an illness that no one wants, and it’s something very few really understand, because we don’t know what causes it.

Many of us lose friends once we get the diagnosis, and that is very hard to accept, but most of this is caused by pure ignorance of the illness

Many people refuse to accept the diagnosis when it is given, and then refuse help.

Some people have said that family members refuse to accept the diagnosis, and even try to say that there is nothing visibly wrong with the person who has the illness. This is something which can go on to cause more stress to the person with dementia

Many assume that everyone with dementia is the same, yet we are all individuals, on individual journeys, so no two people with any form of th…

Dementia and eyesight problems etc

After over a year of tests on my eyes, which has ended with me getting new glasses fitted with prisms, I am starting to think that dementia causes many health problems

I knew that my hearing had become acute on certain days, but when my eyes started to play up it was a different game

Even with the new glasses I still have had problems at times, so I am now convinced that its all down to the dementia which changes how we see things

Although the prisms have stopped the double vision, I still get blurred vision at times, but that's life.

 I have heard that its down to the brain, which is starting to fail, due to dementia.

So on reflection I guess that if the brain is starting to fall apart, it stands to reason that other parts of the body will also fail, such as hearing and eyesight etc

This also explains why, I was always right handed and now my left hand is faster than the right, something that was distressing especially when typing. I got over this by using voice activated softwa…

The Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia

Supplied by The Dementia Book Club

Foreword written by Prof Graham stokes

A very interesting book

The book discusses the many forms of dementia, and the risks involved with the illness.

It also goes on to discuss 

Expanding the mind,
along with
Physical and Mental illness.
If you are worried of developing dementia

The brain, a simple description with references to dementia


There is evidence that the brain is affected  by the clinical beginnings of dementia, up to 25 years before dementia manifests itself in an obvious way. The brain appears to have a vast 'spare' capacity, and it may be that, as evidence seems to indicate, a higher a  neutral reserve, delays the onset of clinical signs. What this might mean is that, the changes in attitude, activity, and what we all call 'personality', may begin many years before overt evidence of dementia, so that we are once again brought up against the 'which' came…

Children and Dementia

Stories take from my blog about the Grandchildren

Explaining to Alzheimer’s or Dementia to children, can be very difficult, but I suppose the early we start the better it can be explained, and possibly accepted

When I was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, my daughter 27 years old, who lived at home at the time, accepted the illness, but my son 25 years old could not accept it

I suppose it was easy for Claire as she was doing a biology degree, and had taken some of the problems on board, and had done some research into dementia as part of her course.

Eventually he accepted my problems and that is now history.

Someone once told my wife that my son possibly idolised, me and that was the problem,

This could not be happening to me

Things have now moved on

However my Grandchildren think I have Old Timers, and while they know about the title or the illness, they seem to understand the rest of it.

However some time ago my daughter Claire, tried to explain to our wonderful Grandchildren that…

Confused and new day with a new start

I have realised today that I am no longer going to be able to type using the keyboard, as I am making too many mistakes, something which I find hard to accept

So today I am going to start using voice activated software to write everything like my blog and presentations.

This is going to be difficult, but its the only way I can carry on.

My eyes are struggling to see the keys on the keyboard at times, so I will have to change everything to see what happens

I am going to reload the software today, so that I can use the laptop computer, to do all of this, and then perhaps I will give it all a try tonight

This is made much worse by the fact that I am out of sync again when typing. I had problems months ago then it settled, but now its started all over again. For some reason my left hand has got faster than my right when doing things, yet I have always been right handed, so I am totally confused as to what is happening

This could account for the mistakes I have had at home when doing thin…

Dementia Friendly Society in the UK

There is a lot of work going on to make the country more dementia friendly, but this is also causing a lot of trouble as many people with dementia feel, that dementia is being used by this government for political reasons.

Many wonder if this is just another government target which must be met?

I think this is just something pushed out by Mr Cameron for his own purposes, and does not really achieve very much.

It may make us more aware of dementia, but there is a danger that after taking this training, you assume wrongly, that you understand everyone who has the illness.

I have done a lot of work raising awareness of dementia, and have done dementia champions training, although if I am honest I did wonder why I did it, because I think I knew more about the illness than the trainer.

I think this is what people are complaining about, when I have asked, because they realise that the trainers, are unable to answer basic questions about the illness.

Many of these trainers are not properly…

Queen’s award for Doncaster dementia Ambassador

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Published on the 03 April
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To any daddy

To any Daddy
There are little eyes upon you and they’re watching night and day,
There are little ears that quickly take in everything you say,
There are little hands all eager to do everything you do,
And a little boy who’s dreaming, of the day he’ll be like you
You’re the little fellow’s idol; you’re the wisest of the wise,
In his mind about you, no suspicions ever arise
He believes in you devoutly – holds that all you say and do
He will say and do in your way, when he’s grown up just like you
There’s a wide eyed little fellow, who believes you’re always right
And his ears are always open and he watches day and night,
You are setting an example every day in all you do
For the little boy whose waiting, to grow up to be like you.

I noticed a man in the congregation one Sunday Morning, who had not attended for a long time, while shaking hands as he left, I said I was pleased to see him.
“It’s all down to Johnny”, he said, pointing to a boy by his side.
We always send the children to church, but last “…