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Raising Awareness of Lewy Body Dementia

Are you considering a charity fundraising event in the future, or considering doing something positive as a New Years Resolution, if so  why not consider supporting the Lewy Body Society.

Charity events run through out the year, and range from small family events, to large local or national events, so please think of this wonderful charity if you want to do a charity run etc.

As an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, I would like to encourage people to support us in any way they can
This is a small charity which is totally dedicated to those living with, or  caring for someone with  Lewy Body Dementia in the United Kingdom 
We need all of the support we can get, so we can promote the charity, in the hope that we can get a higher profile for Lewy Body Dementia, and also for those living with this form of Dementia and their carers,  within the UK. 
So if you are considering doing a sponsored event for a wonderful caring charity, please come and support this wonderful charity, which …

Health and Safety Gone Mad

I do wonder if health and safety has gone too far these days.

When I was working, as an Engineer, I was staggered by the fact that we had to have signs next to taps, telling people that they could contain hot water, and signs by the river side, warning us of deep water.
As children we grew up long side rivers, Electricity and hot water, but got on with life, we never needed some over paid office worker to tell us the obvious.  I would have thought it obvious that electricity could give you a shock or kill you, so why do we need signs next to sockets, or outside electrical substations etc, warning of electrocution, or danger of shock.
I now wonder what has happened to this state, because people are no longer able to think for themselves, and we often hear of people complaining these days, of the nanny State, but is it clear that these same people are not taking responsibility into their own hands.
We have gone from an intelligent and caring nation, to one where it's easier to blame …

Genetic Profile Unique to Lewy Body Dementia

This is wonderful news for all with an interest in this illness

Researchers Discover Genetic Profile Unique to Dementia With Lewy Bodies
Allison Inserro
In a discovery that could potentially pave the way for more targeted treatments, researchers announced that dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) has a unique genetic profile, separate from those of Alzheimer disease or Parkinson disease (PD). Researchers also found that DLB has heritability traits similar to PD.
In a discovery that could potentially pave the way for more targeted treatments, researchers announced that dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) has a unique genetic profile, separate from those of Alzheimer disease (AD) or Parkinson disease (PD).

It is the first large-scale genetic study of this common type of dementia. Researchers also found that DLB has heritability traits similar to PD.

The genome-wide association study was conducted by a collaboration led by University College London (UCL), with 65 academics in 11 countries. Results w…

Diagnosis of Dementia

Diagnosis of dementia like many other illnesses, can be a very traumatic experience, for anyone to cope with, and if there is no support afterwards, life can become very difficult, and that is why I am so pleased the things have moved on. Many people find, that after the diagnosis they are left to fend for themselves, and must fight for support, not just at the consultation, but also in their community, and that is very wrong in this modern society. So much depends on the consultant, and how much information they discuss with you, because many people are given their diagnosis, and are then left to find her own way, including finding out more about illness and how to cope with it. Its usually well after seeing the consultant that the questions arise, by which time it's too late to get help. This leads to more problems, if you go onto the internet, you are told different things on different websites, many of which are not kept up to date, and you are then left wondering who or wh…

Dementia Friendly Banks?

Over the last few years, a lot of work has been done in Banks to make them Dementia Friendly, but I do wonder if they have now had second thoughts My wife and I went round lots of North East Branch's of Lloyds Bank doing Dementia Friends training, and we were very proud of their work. Now things have changed, but not for the best These days the staff in our local branch,  insist on pushing people to use the machines, rather than speaking to a person at the till. I confess that I hardly use these machines, unless my wife is there for support, because they confuse me. I know that I am not alone with this,  because other people have spoken out about it. It seems that Lloyds are cutting costs by reducing the numbers of staff at the cash tills,  are expecting everyone to use these machines.
However when you see the people queuing up,  it's obvious that many don't feel comfortable using these machines. In our branch, most of the staff and managers have been changed, but w…

Use it or Lose it

From a blog in 2005 which was updated last year but never used
As more and more people are being diagnosed with dementia these days,  I thought it would help to bring back another old blog.
When my diagnosis was completed in 2005,  I met many people who are now old friends, many of which are still fighting on.
These people were I guess very lucky like me, but I guess one thing separates them from others, is the fact that like me they chose to look at life in a different way after the diagnosis,  and get as much as possible out of life from then on.
We are all different, with individual symptoms and problems, and no two people are the same,  something that many people don't understand, but then there are many types of dementia
We only need to look at Christine Bryden in New Zealand,  who was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and is still doing presentations at conferences all round the world.
This lovely lady has seen scans to prove that her brain has shrunk, and although she was …

Animals and dementia

I looked at this topic in 2009, but I do think that its important these days too

There are lots of stories these days about using animals in houses and care homes, and it was only after talking about this with my wife, that some memories came back about our pets at home.
For years we have seen Guide Dogs on our streets, supporting those with eyesight problems, and now we are hearing more about the power of animals in the lives of those who have a long-term illness etc 
I heard the story of one dog, who was able to detect when it's owner was going into an epileptic fit, and would get between the owner’s head and the ground, to prevent injury to its owner. 
These days we hear about Dementia support dogs etc, who are trained to support those living with this illness, in the same way as support dogs assist those living with eyesight problems
There are also dogs which support those with chest problems, and  I personally find this to be amazing, but I think it’s because people have now final…