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Ending Blog

First written June 2018 and finished September 2018

After giving it a lot of thought over the last few months, I have decided to finally stop writing this blog now
This is for a few reasons, but first and foremost I am struggling to put my thoughts into writing,  without saying the wrong thing and sounding rude or aggressive.
I know I am getting very tired these days, and struggling to think clearly, but I guess this is a build up of medical problems  which are starting to make life very difficult. 
However I was starting to  think of closing the blog down in January and then in June,  because of my problems of putting my thoughts into words. 
I have re-used a few old blogs over the last  few months, in the hope of getting myself motivated, but realised that it's not going to work 
I have enjoyed doing this over the years, but I have lost total  interest,  but will let the blog run as it may help others.
I vaguely remember the fact this blog was  started by mistake, but it's b…

Revolutionary Alzheimer’s blood test is 94% accurate 20 years before symptoms develop

Revolutionary Alzheimer’s blood test is 94% accurate 20 years before symptoms develop

6th August 2019 Healthcare news (industry news)
A new blood test has been developed that can detect Alzheimer’s-causing proteins in the brain up to two decades before symptoms begin to appear. A study from Washington University St Louis outlines the benefits of the test, which has a 94 per cent accuracy rate.
Early Alzheimer’s diagnosis is vital to combat the condition, because there’s currently no cure, and treatments can delay onset. Most people are not tested for the disease until symptoms, such as memory loss, start to occur and by then the condition already has a hold on the brain.
Early detection could mean many extra years with good quality of life, and the individual retaining their independence for a lot longer. At present, the average life expectancy after Alzheimer’s diagnosis is just four to eight years.
The progression of the disease can vary between cases, with some relatives seeing pa…

Mental Health and Dementia

Mental Health and Dementia New findings promote lifestyle modifications. Posted Jul 24, 2019 Source: kmac

Dementia is, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon among the elderly. As of 2017, there were as many as 44 million individuals worldwide living with dementia. In the United States, as many as one in three seniors has some form of dementia when they pass away.   More than just a mental-health issue, dementia can be extremely taxing on the family and friends of the individuals who are struggling with the condition. It is far more severe than merely telling the same story that everyone has heard before. As the condition progresses, individuals with dementia lose their ability to live independently because they find it too difficult to conduct the activities of daily living—from doing household chores down to feeding, dressing, and grooming themselves—and this can often lead to frustration and aggression. In the later stages of dementia, individuals may not recognize family and may come…

Londoner smashes world record for 289-mile triathlon by more than four hours

Londoner smashes world record for 289-mile triathlon by more than four hours Megan White
The Evening Standard
Chris finished the gruelling triathlon on Tuesday ( Aurelien Meunier ) A Londoner has broken the world record for an epic 289-mile triathlon from London to Paris by over four hours.
Chris Leek set a time of 69 hours and 29 minutes, shaving four hours and ten minutes off the previous record of 73 hours and 39 minutes held by Mark Bayliss since 2012. The 32-year-old from Orpington, Kent, completed an 87-mile run from Marble Arch to Dover, followed by a 21 mile swim across the English Channel, and a 181-mile bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
He also became only the fifth competitor ever to complete the feat without wearing a wetsuit for the Channel swim section, 
After setting off at 5pm on August 2, Mr Leek arrived in the French capital on Tuesday. Chris and his dad Dennis at the finish line in Paris (Aurelien Meunier)
He said: “I’m completely lost for w…