Trying to cope with writing etc

When things went wrong at work, I realised to my horror that my writing was not as it should be and it was distressing

All order firms were written out by hand, and I was starting to make a complete mess of them because I was changing for small case to capital letters without realising what was going on, this meant that many order forms were no longer usable.
Over the last few weeks things have got worse and it has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion,when doing things like birthday cards etc for my wife. Although she is understanding, it really does not help me, and I find it all very distressing looking back at it.

It's very strange because I have no idea what is happening, or what causes this.

It's a bit like numbers, if I look at them I get the wrong idea, of what I am looking at, and something repeat a number, but it comes out all jumbled up, because the numbers are in the wrong order.

Recovering from yet another chest infection

Two weeks ago, I felt drained and chest, and then my wife realised last week that I had another chest infection, I confess that it did not feel too bad, but I have been caught out by this before, and there is no way I will go into hospital during this crisis. I should have gone in at Christmas due to an infection, but I told the doctor that i as not going, however she did agree that I would get better faster at home in my own environment.I understand the antibiotics by a drip, can be faster, but as I tend to act out my dreams and nightmares while sleeping, I would simply pull the thing out of my arm,  so it's something, to consider.  I am prone to repeated chest infections, due to the fact that I have Bronchiectasis and Emphysema. The Bronchiectatsis  was something that developed when I was a child, after a bout of whooping cough, measles  and mumps. That I guess wrecked my lungs without anyone knowing, and that was made worse by a life working in industry.Life is interesting and …


Caring for someone  is a role which is totally ignored by Governments, because they simply don't care enough to support them.
A carers role is 24 hours a day,  7days a week, and they are saving the British Government millions of pounds each year, without any support from social services etc. 
Our carers get us through a lot during the day, from sorting out medication, arranging  medical appointments, cooking our meals, washing especially as many washing machines are too technical to understand these days, looking after us, taking us to places in the car etc, as well as dealing with documents which no longer make sense, or are difficult to understand. This list is too long to write and think about. 
In my case, as well as Lewy Body Dementia, I have lung problems to put up with, like Bronchiectasis, something i have had since i was a child, along with emphysema from years to working in industry, as this all makes life difficult.
This in turn means I am prone to recurring chest infection…

Something to make us laugh

I read this article when I was at the last Balance clinic in Chester le Streeet General Hospital Durham. It was in a newsletter written by the North Durham Parkinson's Society.
Yes I know that this is a serious topic  but, I keep looking at this and it keeps me laughing,

Supporting the Lewy Body Society.UK

Are you considering a charity fundraising event in the future, or considering doing something positive as a New Years Resolution, if so why not consider supporting the Lewy Body Society.

Charity events run throughout the year, and range from small family events to large local or national events, so please think of this wonderful charity if you want to do a charity run etc.

As an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, I would like to encourage people to support us in any way they can
This is a small charity which is totally dedicated to those living with or  caring for someone with  Lewy Body Dementia in the United Kingdom 
We need all of the support we can get, so we can promote the charity, in the hope that we can get a higher profile for Lewy Body Dementia, and also for those living with this form of Dementia and their carers,  within the UK. 
So if you are considering doing a sponsored event for a wonderful caring charity, please come and support this wonderful charity, which does so mu…

Lovely holiday in Scotland

Just before the lockdown, we had a lovely holiday in Scotland, in the Trossachs area, which was somewhere we went for honeymoon back in 1972.

I have no idea where we had stayed back then, but it was bed, breakfast and evening meal in a farmhouse, somewhere area the Stirling holiday

We always said that we would love to go back again, as its where our married life started off, but I guess I was worried because the virus was starting to get a grip of the UK

This time instead of the Ford Cortina car it was a tour coach, which was more relaxing, and the weather was lovely.

This time we stayed in Aberfoyle at the Rob Roy Hotel and had an amazing time with some lovely people, who were lively at times.

We went for a day trip to Sterling Castle, somewhere we visited on our honeymoon, although last time we were there we followed a snowplow, which was interesting, as I had been working in Scotland at the time, I was used to driving in the snow

I found the Castle to be stunning, and although I di…

Taking things for granted

As  this virus progresses we start to miss many things, we took as normal, but in many ways it could be said that we took it all for granted.
Going out for exercise and enjoying meeting people while we were out. 
Seeing the family, and having cuddles with the grandchildren, and it's getting harder. 
We saw my son and his family last weekend, but they were outside the garden,and that was so hard for us both seeing them go and not having a hug, cuddle kiss. 
Going shopping, in newcastle, and having a coffee and scone in John Lewis  or Mark's and Spensors. Or going to Costa for a coffee.
Missing to our Static caravan in Barnard Castle, our second home, where I feel so relaxed, and the air is so much cleaner. So clean that once we have unpacked, I usually go straight to sleep no matter what time of day it is.
Going for a haircut on a regular basis, something I like to do, as my hair has a mind of it's own. I was missing having a haircut, as i looked , like a shaggy dog. But my Son Ma…