Processing information 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about problems processing information, but over the last few days I have noticed other problems, which will have an effect on others in the same position

While my eyesight and hearing give a lot of concern when I am out, and on my own these days, I think this is made much worse with the electric vehicles and bicycles we see every day. 

Having been caught by disability scooters on the footpath, I am starting to get worried when I go out on my own, but I like my independence, so I go out as often as I can on my good days.

However some of the drivers of disability vehicles, seem to think that they own the footpath these days, and are becoming a nightmare, because if they hit you, there is no way of tracing the owner, as you would with a car etc.

It’s one thing seeing a silent vehicle coming towards you, if you are prepared for it, but it’s totally different if your brain cannot accept that it’s real, of it comes up from behind

Seeing this, I often wonder if my hearing has gone all together, or is it my brain playing tricks 

Some of these electric bicycles can be very fast, and if you don’t see it coming you could end up being run over, because most don't carry a bell, something I gather is against the law these days.

While it may be good for the environment to use electric vehicles, I think it’s going to catch a lot of people out.

We live in a changing environment, and life as we knew it has changed, and is changing very fast. If only our brains could keep up with this 


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