Lewy Body Society

Today, my wife and I had the honour of joining many guests from the Lewy Body Society at the House of Commons to celebrate their 10 years as a charity.

This charity ws set up by Ashley Bayston, to honour those who lost their lives to this terrible illness.

Since it started the running of the charity was taken over by Jacqui Cannon, the CEO.

Jacqui works tirelessly to give the charity a higher profile, in honour of her father who had the illness until he passed away

This charity is supported by people like Prof  Ian McKeith who is the  Lewy Body Societies President, and who works  tirelessly at Newcastle university,  looking and researching Lewy  Body Dementia

Without this Gentleman's eagerness we would not have the answers we have today, and while we have no cure, I have no doubt that it will come sooner or later.

Newcastle University is one of the top Dementia research places in the UK, if not in Europe,  and like others I have every faith that sooner or later, they will find the answers to this jigsaw

The event started with a presentation by our host for the afternoon,  MP for Wigan, Conor McGinn, who is also an Ambassador with the charity.
After that we had a short presentation by Ashley herself, and then Prof Ian McKeith spoke to us about his work and ambitions,   where the illness us concerned

It was a real honour for my wife and I to be there after two years of problems, with diagnosis and also recurring chest problems, all of which seem to be in the process of being resolved

My diagnosis  of Lewy Body Dementia, was reversed to Mild Cognitive Impairment, because I was not deteriorating as fast as normal expected. However it was said that I may well have a slower burning form of Lewy Body Dementia.

As these medical problems seemed to get  a lot worse over the last two years, I got to the stage where I backed away from all charity and dementia work.

However today, we went to London and had a lovely time. I was proud and privileged to be called a Lewy Body Society Ambassador again.

Over the next few months I have been invited to speak at events so it will be nice to go on  representing the Lewy Body Society, in the hope that they get more publicity


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