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Recovering from infection

Last week I wrote about the problems I had the previous week,   with very long memory tests which were done at home  over a one and a half hour period.Then during last week, I felt ill and then my wife realised that I had another chest infection. I am prone to repeated chest infections, due to the fact that I have Bronchiectasis. This was something that developed when I was a child, after a bout of whooping cough, measles  and mumps. That I guess wrecked my lungs without anyone knowing, and that was made worse by a life working in industry. Luckily for me I carry an emergency pack of antibiotics in case of emergencies, and these go with me when I go on holiday etc. Along with this, I also have the added problem,  that I carry the Heamophilis influenza bug with me, something that is deep inside my lungs, and even two weeks of antibiotics does not kill it off completely So I guess life can be interesting and certainly not boring.I guess this is one thing that upsets me when doctors etc …

Terrible week

This week started off quite well as far as I was concerned, then on Tuesday I had two researchers at home supposedly asking about Lewy Body Dementia, but by the time they left I was shattered and felt rubbish all week.
I spent so much time trying to concentrate on “Just another question” that I guess I tried to force myself to get through without making mistakes  
My wife told me yesterday that I had changed, because of the way it was handled, and the constant questions, which were far worse than the normal memory questions.  I don't think I have ever seen so many questions like that. 
In dementia we get used to the memory tests, but to me this went far beyond anything I have ever had to do, and it destroyed the rest of my week, and I was not pleasant to be around,  so I am told 
This hurt when I was told it, after which I said I would never do anything like that ever again.
It’s so sad, because without research we will not get the answers to these illnesses, but sadly it has finished …

Memory treatments

There has been a lot said recently about how to improve your memory, and a  lot has also been said about natural treatments being sold which claim to cure memory problems, but this has been largely rubbished by the science researchers

I do feel that before you can say that you, or anyone else can help your memory problems, you should have a good idea as to what caused it in the first place,  medical condition or simply old age.
A few charities believe that "all" memory problems are all associated with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, when in fact there are a number of illnesses which can have an effect in your memory.

As I understand it, things like Bronchiectasis,COPD and MS etc, can cause cognitive issues, but so can other illnesses, so its wise to check up on the true cause of your problems first, and never assume something else, which could be wrong.
When I was originally diagnosed with early onset Lewy Body Dementia, I was told to “use it or lose it”, in other words,  …

Internet Abuse

I Remember when the internet first came out, while I was still working, this was in many ways was frightening, and a little  intimidating, trying to get used to something  alien, and like a foreign language However I never expected it to get to this stage these days, where  people rely on it 24 hours a day, and in some cases don't seem to be able to do without it. Everyday we see people crossing roads etc, glued to their phone instead of watching where they are going. In some cases television presenters who are supposed to be reading  the news, are reading what is on their Twitter account, something I consider to be very rude. However these days we're seeing a lot of racial hatred on the internet,  something that I never expected to see. Yes there has always been racial problems of one kind or another in the world, yet these days, every time you go on the internet, you see someone racially abusing someone else, and to me it has to be stopped. Within the UK, a lot of this was w…