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Stepping back

Over the last year months I have had problems trying to plan things out, and concentrate on what I am doing.So I have decided after a lot of careful thought, that its time to step back from a lot of things and take it easy.I have noticed that I can't keep up with fast moving topics in meetings these days, and that is hard to accept, but  I  want to stop before I make a terrible mistake It's difficult I know, but I do believe it's all for the best, although I will still write the occasional blog if i can, and try to carry on with my photography. However I think it's getting close to the time where I have to say that  enough is enough.I have arranged to complete some talks to graduate nurses this year, and after that I will have to consider what happens in the future. It's been hard to accept just what is going on in my brain, but I feel that I have to slow down. This has had a knock on effect with walking, as I have also had problems with tripping while walking over…

Blogs around the world

Blogs are used by many people these days, some as a daily journal, while others are about personal medical problems or interests Although my own started off as a way of describing my graphic nightmares and other problems linked to Lewy Body Dementia, I often look at things like photography and wildlife, something I love to follow while I can.I have often been in the lucky position of photographing wildlife, which has given me so much pleasure, because to me on a good day, it's a real bonus.While the professionals see things on a daily basis, I am not always thinking clearly enough, or don't have a camera with me, so when things really click together it gives me so much joy.The other day my wife and I were out for a walk and I saw something move, but as normal, I have to look at it carefully to see if it's real or my brain playing trucks.It was only when my wife yelped that I realised, that yes it was real, and it was some form of mouse.
I don't know if it was a door mo…

Excessive Daytime Sleep

I feel very tired these days and it's unnerving to simply drop off to sleep without any warning, but this is happening on more and more occasions these days, which is embarrassing, if someone else is in the room.
Some days I sit down after a slight walk and before I know what is happening, I have gone off to sleep and this does not make any sense at all

I know that I don't sleep well at night for one reason or another, but when this hits it is a shock to all around, as I have even drifted off when people have been in the room, and that can be upsetting

I have never experienced anything like this until the last year, and it's frightening and embarrassing when it happens
Some days I can feel my eyes feeling as if they are being forcibly closed, and I cannot fight it or stop it We had put it down to other problems but nothing seemed to fit until I read a report from the Parkinson's UK website.
I am not sure if anyone else has the same problems, but its well worth readin…

Signed off from Chest Clinic

To day "Tuesday" I returned to the chest clinic to see how things were progressing I have Bilateral Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, and a problem with a Chronic  Heamophilis Influenza bug,  which is embedded deep inside my lungs.While there is no way to remove the Heamopholis Influenza bug, the new tablets and inhaler seem to be keeping my lungs free from further infections which is good. So today I have been signed off from the chest clinic, and any future problems will be dealt with by the family doctor.While this is a good thing, I am left wondering if I will get a doctors appointment  of I ever need one.Last time we tried my wife was told that there would be a three week wait, so if things went wrong I would end up in hospital. I do have an emergency pack of antibiotics at home  just in case things go wrong, and I need to take them on holiday so that I am covered if I get another chest infection. I guess its all down to us keeping an eye on my chest problems, and hope that I …

Shopping centres

I confess that I struggle in modern town centres these days, but that is for many reasons.One of my main concerns are these very large statues or manikins which seem to get sprouting up all over the place I have been shocked at times when I have turned a corner and have come up to one of these enormous figures, which seem to come on all shapes sizes and colours.I confess that I don't understand why shops etc,  need these enormous figures because they are far too big to use as displays for clothing etc. They are more like things from outer space these days and thus dies not make any real sense at all.But I guess that I am not alone with this.There have been many occasions, when I have stopped somewhere in a clothing shop, and when I have turned,  I have been right next to one of these things, and then end up getting a shock. No one seems to have any idea as to why these things are unused at all because of the shear size.These statues can also be seen on the streets around town cent…

New Guidlines for Lewy Body Dementia

New international guidelines to identify dementia with Lewy bodies Published on: 8 June 2017
From Newcastle University
New guidelines have been published on the clinical and physical indicators to help ensure patients with dementia with Lewy bodies get an accurate diagnosis and the best care possible.

Professor Ian McKeith Our guidelines now distinguish clearly between clinical features and diagnostic biomarkers, and give guidance about the best methods to establish and interpret these Professor Ian McKeith
The death of Hollywood actor Robin Williams in 2014 threw the condition into the spotlight as it was identified he struggled with the illness.

Now scientists at Newcastle University have led an international team of experts to produce new recommendations to help diagnose the disease more accurately and improve management of the complex disorder.

According to research published online today and in the July 4, 2017, issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of…

Election fears

Since today's election I confess that I feel very nervous for all who have terminal illness or dementiaThis government has a very bad reputation where the health service is concerned, and now fear that they may well go ahead with their dreaded dementia Tax. This is not just a tax on dementia, but a tax on all who have any terminal illness, and I think many people will now be nervous of what's coming. I can only hope that charities stand up and campaign against this, in the hope of stopping it getting off the ground.This may only be the  first step, and health care may well be cut back even further in the future, as the country seems to be in a financial mess which can only get worse,Sadly this government has told so many lies about the state of the NHS and the numbers of Police officers etc, I think we may all be in for a rough ride over the next 5 years.This country is reportedly wealthy but all of the money is going to those who are well off, not to the normal working class …

New Dementia Strategy needed

A few years ago we saw the launch of the National Dementia Strategy in the UK, and many like myself thought that the Government was really going to improve the lives of those living with Dementia or caring for people with the illness.It had pledged to spent millions on dementia in the future. But as my wife and I found at the Launch of the Strategy, there was no new money going into the project, it was money already in the NHS. This answer can from the Government Health minister at the time, and I confess that we were staggered What is more, this money was not ring fenced, therefore hospitals could use the money for any project they wanted Many people worked on this project over the years, and all had high hopes that it would succeed, but obviously the Government at the time had other ideas.Over the years many groups have had meetings about improving services, but I am left wondering where the money went.While some services had improved, I do feel that we should have seen more improve…