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Trevor Jarvis Friend and Mentor

I had stopped writing this blog because of difficulties putting words down on paper. But after finding a new software, and way of doing things,  I decided to write a tribute to a dear old friend and Mentor,  Trevor Jarvis, who died suddenly after a short illness.
Although I am getting the words down, I cannot find a way to get photographs on the same page.
Still here goes
Trevor Jarvis 

A few weeks ago, Janice and I we went to a service to remember a dear old friend of mine, Trevor Jarvis
Trevor was very well known in the Dementia community, for all of his hard work in raising awareness, as an Ambassador with the Alzheimer's Society,   among so many other things, however,  Trevor was always accompanied where ever he went, by his lovely wife and friend Ann, who I am sure had so much to put up with.