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Memory problems and photography

I one main hobby which I really enjoy these days, and that is photography something which gives me a lot of satisfaction, on good and bad days as it is so relaxing, to look at without doing much. The second is photography, a hobby that I always enjoyed, even before the diagnosis, but now there are problems remembering the settings etc.
The pleasure I get from this hobby is quite something, and yes things can and will go wrong but with digital photography life is sometimes that bit easier, as the bad pictures can be removed rather than expensive processing only to find the photographs failed to come out or are blurred.
I have tried a few things to try to remember the settings, but I always get somewhere and either can not remember them, or can not find the paper with them on. This gets distressing, but I have to fight this as I get so much out of the hobby that I can not give up,
I have a few friends who also have dementia, who are very keen photographers and they seem to have similar…

New Type of Dementia is Found

I saw this today and wondered just how many other types of dementia are out there undiscovered
Doctors have newly outlined a type of dementia that could be more common than Alzheimer's among the oldest adults, according to a report published Tuesday in the journal Brain. The disease, called LATE, may often mirror the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, though it affects the brain differently and develops more slowly than Alzheimer's. Doctors say the two are frequently found together, and in those cases may lead to a steeper cognitive decline than either by itself. In developing its report, the international team of authors is hoping to spur research -- and, perhaps one day, treatments -- for a disease that tends to affect people over 80 and "has an expanding but under-recognized impact on public health," according to the paper. "We're really overhauling the concept of what dementia is," said lead author Dr. Peter Nelson, director of neuropathology at t…