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No place for racism in the UK

After the European elections I felt staggered by all of the racist hatred which had been whipped up by the Politicians involved.
Now we are seeing what happens when these over paid and well educated politicians try to cause trouble
We don't need to listen to the likes of Donald Trump here in the UK, we have our own set of idiots involved with the BRITEX team like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, who have done so much damage now that its unacceptable to modern day society, or the society that I grew up to love and respect  
I feel totally sick at the treatment and abuse being thrown at the Polish community over the last few weeks.

Many ignore or forget that many Polish people came here to fight along side the troops of this country during the last world war.

Many gave their lives for this country and they have my total respect
Some stayed on and worked along the British people and were respected
They did not come here to scrounge or demand benefits as many of our racist pol…

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