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Visual Problems

Over the last few years I confess to struggling with seeing things that were either not there or I simply did not recognise them properly

This can lead to many different problems, some of which can be distressing, if you do not understand what is going on.

I often have problems writing documents down now, because I often repeat complete sentences etc, and never see this until it is checked and pointed out by either my wife or someone else.

On a few occasions it's been too late to spot mistakes and if I have been giving a talk, I obviously repeat these things.

I suppose that while I was working, I never had this problem, but now it's one thing which can be upsetting.

I also have visual problems these days, because when I am out I sometimes see people walking towards me, but I do not always see their faces, and that feels very odd. It also causes problems if it's a friend walking towards you, and then it's embarrassing not being able to recognise them from a short dista…

Does the NHS really understand Dementia

Many people struggle with daily problems, while trying to manage the ever changing, things in life like technology which they may or may not understand.

While many people with dementia have someone to look after their needs and explain things to them, I do wonder how many of them really understand technology, or things like computers and the internet. Many people with dementia don't have full time or live in carers, so they at a disadvantage to others, but how many doctors take this on board.

This is also largely disregarded by many officials within the NHS and other services, but we are being forced to do everything on line, whether you are competent to do it or not, and now we hear, that we are going to be forced to do online consultations with doctors rather than getting an appointment  at the doctors surgery.

I don't understand this, and in all honesty I can't see this saving a doctors time at all, because it still takes time to talk to a doctor in the surgery, but su…

Raising awareness of Lewy Body Dementia

Like many other  people, I am doing my best to raise awareness of Lewy Body Demenntia , which is a terrible illness, and we are encouraging everyone to wear something to represent this  I am seen here wearing my Lewy Body Dementia tie, something I am proud to wear when ever I am out at an event. I am very proud to represent the Lewy Body Society and usually wear my Lewy Body Tie, as a mark of respect when ever I can, although tying it can be stressful these days

Many people have never heard of this illness, and as it's difficult to describe properly I have used some information from other websites to describe it properly. Lewy Body Dementia is not an easy illness to diagnosis, and like other illnesses like Parkinson's disease etc, it can only be really confirmed after death. So Doctors have to diagnose Lewy Body Dementia, based on the range if symptoms a person shows, and thus usually requires an ongoing decline in the following, Thinking skills Planning Along with two of the…

Remembering the dream

The photograph at the bottom was taken around 2007 when I did the Coast 2 Coast with my son. What would you like to do, while you still have the chance This was a question I was asked around 2005, after my diagnosis, when I was unsure about what life had in store for me. So this copy of the blog was written then although I am unsure of the correct date. A few weeks ago someone who was a doctor, asked if there was anything I would like to do, if I had the chance to do it, while I am able and get the chance. She was a bit shocked at my answer, but as I said to her, what have I got to loose, I have had a good life, and although I did not ask for this illness, I would really like to do something positive for a charity, as some of these people have helped me so much since being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Apart from seeing parts of the world which look fascinating, like Singapore where we went with the Alzheimer's Society to the Alzheimer's Disease International Conference,…