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Eyesight problems

Over the years I have struggled with my memory problems, but one way or another I always seem to find a way to cope as it changed on a daily basis.
However my eyesight has caused extra problems, and this has added extra unwanted problems, because I have had my eyes tested, and they have said that there is nothing obvious.
These eyesight problems seem to vary,  and at times I simply cannot workout what is on the television.
I know that there are problems with eyesight in Parkinson's which is similar to Lewy Body Dementia, and I am waiting to get my eyes tested by a neurological specialist, in the hope that they can sort this out.
These problems go from double vision to blurred at times which is stressful, but other times recently I have seen people walking towards me, but I have not been able to see their faces clearly, and that is weird.  
Having a rubbish memory is bad enough at times, but I do feel that when your eyesight plays up, it can be disturbing to all. 
I have struggled for ye…

Vision and Perception in brain illnesses like dementia

Copied from the Alzheimer's Society website

People with dementia may experience problems with their sight which cause them to misinterpret the world around them. In some cases, people with dementia can experience hallucinations. This factsheet considers some specific difficulties that people with dementia can have, and suggests ways to support them. Understanding potential problems and giving appropriate help, support and reassurance can greatly assist people living with dementia to feel safe, at a time when the way they perceive reality may be changing.
Vision and perception Seeing is a complicated process that involves many different stages. Information is transmitted from your eyes to your brain where it is then interpreted, alongside information from your other senses, thoughts and memories. You then become aware of what you have seen (it is 'perceived'). Problems that involve both vision and perception can be referred to as 'visuoperceptual difficulties'. As …

Second opinion over

Today I finally got the results of my second opinion as to whether I have Lewy Body Dementia, or Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The last hospital was adamant that I no longer had Lewy Body Dementia, but had MCI, after all these years with the illness, but would answer questions my wife asked about the change in diagnosis
This consultant today at another hospital where a second opinion was being done, said that I definitely have certain symptoms which exist in LBD, and is therefore possible that I may well have the illness, even though I have not deteriorated as fast as I should have done.
In his words I could have a slower burning form of the illness, which could have been slowed down because it was detected early enough and I was given the medication fast enough.
This could also be due to the fact that I never gave up and kept myself busy raising awareness etc and never looked back at what could happen later. 
This allows me to move on rather than sitting in the corner as I have been for…