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More Blue Badges

We hear in the news that more people with disabilities are going to get the chance of using a Blue Badge Scheme on their cars, allowing them to park in more convenient places when they are out.

It about time this system was overhauled because, it discriminated against many people who find it hard to walk long distances these days.
Howevever I do feel that local authorities need to control them much better than they do at present, because in many towns, like my own, these badges are abused, by many people who are physically fit and just too lazy to walk anywhere.
It annoys me when we go to a supermarket, and see young people parking in disabled bays, when there is nothing wrong with them. To many of these people, these bays are just normal parking bays, and they have the right to park there. They seem to resent people with disabilities and that is so wrong.
In the 1980s my wife had a serious road accident, which ended up with her having umteem operations over two years in a hospital. …


I used to love walking, and looking at the countryside and nature, but these days I am restricted in how far I can walk, and I find this distressing 
I love watching nature and being in the countryside, but these days I can’t walk as far as I am used to doing, without constant stops.  
I always enjoyed the countryside because it was quiet and allowed me to think clearly without disruptions, but these days I need to be constantly watching where I am going rather than enjoying the scenery.
They always say walking in the countryside, is better than any known medication, but I guess that with memory, breathing and spinal problems, I am struggling to keep going. 
I understand that my height has changed so I have a constant stoop, which does not help very much, but I understand this means, I am looking down rather than up at whatever is going on around me 
This is probably causing extra problems with my breathing these days with the constant stoop putting extra pressure on my chest 
I had this pr…

Amazing Consultant

Over the years I have struggled with chest, memory and back problems. However through my Lewy Body Dementia, I struggle to cope with some medicines, because they can have the wrong effect on my health. Along with that I understand that there are restrictions on operations, because the "anaesthetic", if that's how it is spelt, can have an effect on our brains. However due to back and hip problems, the Orthopaedic consultant decided to try and injection in my hip, in the hope of isolating the constant pain I struggle with. However he also did this in the hope of stopping the need for operations in the future. I am restricted on how far I can walk without stopping due to balance, and pain problems, but I try to force myself to walk around 3 miles a day, if not more, depending on how I feel on the day. Sometimes this includes many stops to relieve the pressure on my back, but I feel that it has to be done. Even if it takes me all day to cover that distance I am proud that I…

Dehydration and thinking Clearly

Dehydrationand thinking clearly
I read this and thought it was something everyone with memory problems should  remember in the UK with these very high temperatures By Linda Carroll
(Reuters Health) – Dehydration can impair your ability to think clearly, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that athletes who lost fluid equal to 2 percent their weight took a hit to their cognition. Even this mild to moderate level of dehydration- the loss of 2 pounds for someone who weighs 100 pounds and four pounds for someone weighing 200 – led to attention problems and impaired decision making, according to the report in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.
In particular, dehydration led to impairment in tasks requiring attention, motor coordination, and so-called executive function, which includes things like map recognition, grammatical reasoning, mental math, and proofreading, for example.
“We’ve known that physical performance suffers at a threshold of 2 percent of body mass, parti…

Horrors of the night return again

I thought I was beyond the horrors of the night, but they have returned all over again, as I explained in a previous post These graphic dreams and nightmares, which bare no resemblance to reality, can be very upsetting and distressing, not just to the person going through this, but also anyone near by. It can also be dangerous to attempt to bring someone out of one, because you can become part of the nightmare, and then suffer damage yourself as my wife once found. They are also frightening, because it's like a boxing match in your sleep, only you don't understand that it's happening, because your arms and legs may be lashing out in all directions. These things can also be very destructive, as I have demolished many items on my bedside cabinet, including two bedside lamps when were found in pieces the next morning. It's distressing when this happens, because it proves the power used to lash out when we are going through one of these night mares. I confess that I am te…

Graphic Nightmares in Lewy Body Deementia

Because I struggle with very graphic nightmares and dreams at night, I have struggled to find ways of coping. This I gather is called R.E.M, and is part of my illness This usually starts within three hours of going to sleep, although there times when it's started much later if I have been up during the night, to go to the toilet etc. Sometimes when I wake up, it's very difficult to work out what is part of this horror, and what is reality. Even if I get the chance to wake up from these and get out of bed, it's a struggle to work out whether I am free or not. Sometimes I sit in the bathroom and then try to work out whether I am actually in the bathroom or still dreaming. I have at times hurt myself by thumping on the wall in desperation to work out where I am. This is all because it's difficult to work out the truth. What is reality and when is it still part of the nightly horror. A few years ago we were flooded at home, so we were living in a small flat. One night I h…