Social care cuts

We are seeing cuts to our social care in many local areas of the  UK, and this problem will only get worse before it can be improved.

The NHS is struggling to cope, because people are not getting the social care they really need, and when this happens, hospitals get clogged up with patients who should be at home or in care homes etc.

This problem cannot be allowed to carry on, and if councils cannot or will not provide social care, it should be taken over and provided be the NHS, and then the councils should be charged for it.

As we know social care is funded locally from things like council tax.

But there is a major problem with this, and that is that the council tax raised in your area, is not used locally, but is sent to Whitehall where it is then spilt amongst other councils in the UK.

Many councils are facing savage cuts in funding, while at the same time they are seeing their council taxes being used by other county councils, who in many cases are much better off.

These councils cannot possibly carry on providing social care  when  they are faced with these savage cuts, and to be honest,  many people have no idea where their council taxes are spent.

While I understand some councils are very small, population wise, and possibly need extra money, our council tax from the North East subsidises places like Surrey which is very wealthy.

This leaves me feeling very annoyed at this Tory Government, because they have made many  savage cuts to the council subsides over the last 10 or so years, and this simply cannot go on.

A few years ago the councils in the North East  did not get their quota of Rock salt for the roads, because the government thought that it was more important to give it to the southern regions.

This was disgusting because the North gets a lot more snow and ice than the southern regions, so the roads here

Councils cannot go on having these savage cuts without loosing more services, which are already down to the minimum already

It seems wrong to me that money raised in local council taxes should be sent off to other councils in times like this, especially wealthy councils in the London Boroughs.

It's also very  wrong for a government to throw money at projects like "HS2" and Cross rail, glorified train sets for certain areas,  when the NHS and social care are in such a terrible state.

It's also fairly obvious that this government does not like Labour run councils, but they do not consider the fact that many millions of people actually voted Tory in the first place, no matter which political party  are ruling their council

However social care like the NHS,  is important to all, yet it's not being provided because of these these false cuts, especially when the government is wasting billions of pounds on unwanted schemes. 


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