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Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild Cognitive Impairment
What is mild cognitive impairment (MCI)? In contrast to Alzheimer's disease (AD) where other cognitive skills are affected, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is defined by deficits in memory that do not significantly impact daily functioning. Memory problems may be minimal to mild and hardly noticeable to the individual. Writing reminders and taking notes allow a person to compensate for memory difficulties. Unlike AD where cognitive abilities gradually decline, the memory deficits in MCI may remain stable for years. However, some individuals with MCI develop cognitive deficits and functional impairment consistent with AD. Whether MCI is a disorder distinct from AD or a very early phase of AD is a topic of continuing investigation.
The diagnosis of MCI relies on the fact that the individual is able to perform all their usual activities successfully, without more assistance from others than they previously needed.
Signs & symptoms of mild cognitive imp…

Long month

It's been a very long month, in fact it's been a very long year and things  have got much  worse rather than better I had a chest infection at the end of August and then got a cold. After this I got a yearly flu vaccination and then one week later I got another infection which has hit me hard. We saw a doctor just in case it was a reaction to the flu vaccination,  but I was put straight into antibiotics again I feels as if I am living on these at present , which is not good,  but I guess it's the haemophilus influenza bug which is rooted in my lungs, and has been there at least 8 years, and could have been there since I had pnumonia in 2001 Our doctor said it was pointless doing any more sputum tests because they were all coming back with the same results Colds have never bothered me, but the last two common colds have hit me hard, and I don't undersrand  this. Whether it's to do with the bronchiectasis or the COPD, I don't know But I coughed so much last w…


Star date: 10th October 2016
"We're left with nowhere to go, no roads to turn down and it's a lonely, lonely place..."
On Saturday night, twenty people went on a Dementia Walk that raised around £200 specifically towards research at Salford University for people suffering with Moderate to Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), or `very young dementia' as it's known.
While £millions are being poured into the treatment of older people's dementia, and rightly so, MCI sufferers are being completely ignored, says the Walk's organiser and MCI sufferer, Gill Whiteley... "They just tell you `It's your fault' and leave you high and dry" she says.
Full details here...
Today is World Mental Health Day and last Saturday night twenty brave souls went on a three hour Dementia Walk through Weaste Cemetery to raise around £200 for res…

Dementia and the spiritual needs of the person with the illness

Dementia and the spiritual needs of the person with the illness

When I was first approached to do this talk, I had looked at the title quite a few times, as it is a subject which to me is very difficult to put into words, especially when you are living with dementia.
For inspiration I looked on the internet to try to get some answers to a subject which, in some cases causes a lot of upset.
However I must point out that this is my own version of what this topic means, and it should never be assumed that everyone else is the same.
There are over 120 variations of this illness, and no two people are the same. We are all individuals, on individual journeys, and therefore each person’s spirituality is totally different.
But here we go and I hope I get it right.
Spirituality, leads to a purpose in life, in the things we value, and what is more, gives us all “Hope” as without it we would be lost
It’s not tied to any religious belief or tradition, although culture and beliefs can play a part in s…

Computerised patient records .

Over the last few years we have heard about the so called NHS Computer system, which allows  the patients medical records to follow the patient. The idea being, that no matter where you were within the UK, our records could be  accessed by any doctor or consultant in the UK Millions of pounds were spent on this,  yet it still does not work. Many people blame the doctors, but I do wonder if the blame lies within the Department of Health, It is said that the system was a failure from day one,  but like may people I do feel, that it's the Department of Health officials who changed the system so much, that it had no chance of succeeding, or it was done on the cheap Now we have ended up with a complete shambles. It's not the first time that I have gone for a hospital appointment to find, that my records were either missing,  or they were not accessible by the consultant who was treating me I gather that another reason for this problem, is down to the failure of different hospi…

Helping people to retain their beliefs

These days it is not so easy for people with dementia or memory problems to retain the spiritual beliefs, as many church leaders are simply not interested

I always remember a curate at church  telling me,  that it was a waste of his time going into care homes,  because those living there were not interested and just went to sleep while he was there

What he meant was, they were  not interested in his modern forms of service, because they were brought up with the old forms of service, using old well known hymns and prayers.

I think with his sermons, many people would have lost the will to stay awake as they were long winded and boring

I personally found this comment  to be a total insult,  because he simply had not got a clue as to how he could react with these people,  but apparently, this is the modern church.. Church leaders these days  consider the word spirituality to mean 100% religious beliefs and nothing else.

But in reality a person's spirituality these days, is about w…

Has the church of England lost the plot

Recently I wrote about the Church of England, not thinking of those who had memory problems and dementia etc, and how a Bishop had totally ignored my letter about my nightly nightmares and horrendous dreams etc, but said that I should do more and attend the 8am service

I had  mentioned that I don't really sleep deeply until around 4-5am in the morning, so  I am not with it, hen it comes to going to the  8am service.

In all honesty I am no longer a morning person, as it takes me a while to get my brain into gear. This comes after years of being on call for breakdowns, 24  hours a day

This 8am service is the old prayer book style, and is much  easier to follow as it's been unchanged for hundreds of years However I have noticed that we have a priest in charge, who does not accept any critisim what so ever, even if it constructive

He also goes out of his way to find out who is criticising the church, and then confronts them,  usually well away from others

This is not that he …