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Letting this blog go now

I am letting this blog go now.

This is for various reasons, one of which is that I am being transferred to another larger hospital for the diagnosis to be completed, after problems with one of the doctors who could not be bothered to go through her reasons for her rediagognisis, and would not answer my wife's questions.

I am now under a top specialist at a different hospital, but I am prepared for the diagnosis to be changed to mild cognitive impairment, if it goes that way, because they are taking the time to explain things properly and that means a lot these days. They treat people with dignity and respect.
I may not have a dementia, but I know that my short term memory is rubbish, and I just have to move on.
However since my chest infections kicked in again 8 weeks ago, I have since been diagnosed with COPD, Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, and have therefore decided to take things easy and try to get myself sorted out
This has also caused extra problems with my thinking…

RIP Peter Ashley Dear Friend and Mentor

Yesterday I heard the very sad news, that my old friend and mentor Peter Ashley had passed away.

Peter was a loving father, husband mad friend to hundreds of people, and I was honoured to meet him, and call him a friend.

I knew Peter had been ill, but I guess that my attention had been on my continuous chest infection problems over the last few months, and then being diagnosed with COPD.
I first met Peter around 2005 after my diagnosis of Lewy body Dementia. I had been in the local Alzheimer's Society Office and the manager had spoken to me about an event which was being run in Newcastle upon Tyne.
This was the first UK Convention for people with Dementia. I confess that at first I thought it was going to be run for and by professionals, but was very surprised to see people like Peter, Trevor Jarvis and James McKillop on stage talking about living well with Dementia.
I confess that it was a shock to hear so many people with the illness standing up and talking about their lives and h…

Alzheimer's disease: Online brain training 'improves daily lives of over-60s'

From the Daily Telegraph
Alzheimer's disease: Online brain training 'improves daily lives of over-60s'
Researchers discover that cognitive training can help with tasks such as using public transport, shopping, cooking and managing finances

After six months the over-60s who took part in the brain training were found to have significant improvements in carrying out daily tasks
Playing online games that exercise reasoning and memory skills could have major benefits for older people, a wide-scale study has found.
Researchers at King's College London discovered that mental exercises, or"brain training", can improve people's everyday lives, helping with tasks such as using public transport, shopping, cooking and managing personal finances.
Almost 7,000 people over the age of 50 were recruited from the public through the BBC, Alzheimer's Society and the Medical Research Council to take part in the six-month experiment.
Some participants were encouraged to play a 10…

Weather changes again

I guess the weather has changed again, because the chest infections have started all over again.

It all started three weeks ago and up till earlier this week I was on my second course of antibiotics, but it did not clear. I had sent to sputum test in, and had an X-ray to see if there was a deep seated problem as this keeps getting worse every year.
Even the asthma test was well down, compared to where it should be, but that's been dropping every year.
Today I returned to see our new family doctor after the last chest X-ray, and was told that it was COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmanary Disease. I knew that after years of working in industry my lungs were not working as they should have been, but you never really think of things like this when you are young, and regulations have changed quite a lot over the last 20 years. 
But after struggling with chest problems since being a child, it now explains most of my problems.
I have had quite a few chest X-rays over the last few years, but now …