The Role of Robots in society

A lot has been written in  the media about the role of Robots in a caring role in society.

This could include helping people to remember to take their medication on time, or playing games with someone living on their own,  etc.

I confess that I have a fascination with Robots, as I remember, going to the cinema as a child and seeing a film called the  "Forbidden Planet",  and the robot was called Robbie.

Since then I have grown up wondering what role Robots would have in  any future society.

I admit that Robots these days,  look vastly different to those of Robots,  which were around back my early childhood days

These days we have Robots working on production lines in factories, and this was never expected, but they seem you be working well.

It has been suggested that some Robots could help us to play games, and I guess this is a positive way to help those living on their own. They could also be used your contact the emergency services if something goes wrong.

In all honesty when we look around there are some games, where you can play against your computer, so I guess this is another step forward from that.

But will someone take kindly to a robot beating  them at games?

Can a robot support a person in care. I confess that I am unsure, but I suppose it could be possible in the future, if they are programmed properly.

It may take time, but I suppose it could happen, but can it replace a real person who is trained to do the work. 

There are days when my memory is total rubbish,  and I forget most things including my medication, but I am not sure how I would react to a robot telling me what to do and when to do it.

I suppose I still like my independence,  even though I know it is done times difficult without my wife or someone else reminding me what to do.

I have realised this week, that I have been retweeting things over and over without realising it, so I have to accept that my memory is not as good as it used to be

However I wonder if a robot could make people more vulnerable,  when it gets out that a robot is supporting someone.

I say this because there are always people out there, who would like you steal a robot in he hope that they could programme it to do what they want

There is a down side to this and that is, a robot could spook someone with dementia or a nuerological illness.

We heard a lot about talking dolls these days, and the fact that some may be used in care homes, so that those with the illness don't feel lonely. But how will people react to a robot moving around the house in the early hours of the day.


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