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Cerebral Atrophy

Cerebral Atrophy: Is Your Brain Shrinking?
Symptoms, Causes, and Possible Treatments for Brain Atrophy
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By Esther Heerema, MSW| Medically reviewed by Claudia Chaves, MD
Updated November 28, 2018

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Processing information

Most people these days cope quite well with daily things, and don't struggle to cope with thought  processing problems 
I guess I did not know anything about this subject, until I was hit by these problems 
I guess it all started the day I went to look at an Electrical distribution board, and realised that nothing made sense anymore, I no longer understood what cable was what. 
That was just the start of the slippery slope, and since then things have got much worse 
But when you no longer understand your job, or your hobby, life becomes very hard. 
It's like buying a new gadget, and then finding that you don't understand the instruction manual Like reading an article in a newspaper and then realising that you did not understand what it meant. 
I have struggled with processing information for some time now, and I guess it becomes distressing at times, because my brain is slowing down.
I often sit in meetings and struggle to understand fully what people are saying. 
But I …

Dementia and pets

Thanks to Speech-notes for helping me with this blog 

A lot has been written about the role of animals,  living in the same environment as people with dementia, or any other,  neurological illness. 
In the past people have always said that animals are dumb,  yet we all know that this is wrong 
My wife and I know this  from experience,  because when I was seeing the first signs that something was wrong with my health, our Retriever cross Ben, would stay by my side, and would never let me go anywhere without him. 
This was frightening at first,  until someone pointed out that he sensed that something was wrong with me
Even if I went to the toilet, I would find him sat at the door when I came out.
I did not realise at the time, but he obviously had sensed that something was wrong, and no matter where I went he would follow.
If I went for a lie down, I would wake up to find our cat Pepe at one side of me, and Ben at the other. 
It was around this time that I started to see things which were not r…

Vision and perception

Borrowed from another website  Wednesday 9th March 2016

People with dementia may experience problems with their sight which cause them to misinterpret the world around them. In some cases, people with dementia can experience hallucinations. This factsheet considers some specific difficulties that people with dementia can have, and suggests ways to support them. Understanding potential problems and giving appropriate help, support and reassurance can greatly assist people living with dementia to feel safe, at a time when the way they perceive reality may be changing. Vision and perception Seeing is a complicated process that involves many different stages. Information is transmitted from your eyes to your brain where it is then interpreted, alongside information from your other senses, thoughts and memories. You then become aware of what you have seen (it is 'perceived'). Problems that involve both vision and perception can be referred to as 'visuoperceptual difficulties…

Seeing the obvious and sometimes things which may not be there

November 2018

Over the years I have struggled with seeing things, some of which may or may not be real.

This can be upsetting to those people living with Lewy Body Dementia, but it can also be upsetting for those caring for these people, or anyone nearby who does not understand what is happening.

We had a change our carpets at home, because I could often see very large spiders walking across the floor, or sometimes on the wall nearby.
I was never frightened of spiders before, but these days  I really struggle, because in my mind they are real, and they scare me to death. 
I used to throw my slipper at them, but these days, my aim is so bad I am liable to hit the television or worse, my wife. 
The other day I went for a walk round our local park, and saw some boys on the skate boarding ramps, or so I thought. 
When I got round the corner they were not there. I looked all around thinking that they had run off, but there was no sign of them anywhere, and there was no where for them to h…

Does the Medical Profession really understand Lewy Body Dementa

Thanks to the Speech NotesAPP for allowing me to start writing again, as I can talk to my tablet computer, then this sends it all direct to the blog, without the stress of thinking about what I am writing Thinking about what I want to write, and putting on paper, is difficult these days, but this app has now made life so much easier
Medical Profession, and the lack of knowledge about Lewy Body Dementia We found this out the hard way, after one young dementia consultant put me on medication to help with my graphic nightmares during the night.  This was started just before we went on holiday one year. But on the second night, I tried to climb out of the hotel window in the hope of breaking free from this horror. Luckily for me, the window was locked so it did not open, and we were on the third floor of the hotel. My wife woke up just in time to stop me trying to escape from the window.
As I am living with Lewy Body Dementia, I have always been limited as to what medications I can take a…