Internet Abuse

I Remember when the internet first came out, while I was still working, this was in many ways was frightening, and a little  intimidating, trying to get used to something  alien, and like a foreign language

However I never expected it to get to this stage these days, where  people rely on it 24 hours a day, and in some cases don't seem to be able to do without it.

Everyday we see people crossing roads etc, glued to their phone instead of watching where they are going.

In some cases television presenters who are supposed to be reading  the news, are reading what is on their Twitter account, something I consider to be very rude.

However these days we're seeing a lot of racial hatred on the internet,  something that I never expected to see.

Yes there has always been racial problems of one kind or another in the world, yet these days, every time you go on the internet, you see someone racially abusing someone else, and to me it has to be stopped.

Within the UK, a lot of this was wipped up by politicians etc, during the brexit vote.

Since then it has escalated, and got a lot worse, so much so that I wonder where it will ever end.

Politicians these days seem to blame everyone else for these problems, but if they looked closer to home they would find out who was to blame.

However of the politicians, who caused the trouble during the brexit vote, are well known to be of foreign Origin, and in some cases have dual passports, something which makes you wonder what is going on.

Looking back at racial hatred within the UK and the world at large, many people who assume that they are from one country or another, may find that whether they like it or not, that their ancestors were in fact immigrants at one stage in time.

I myself found this out by accident, a series of blood tests found that I had a vitamin deficiency.

My family doctor then explained, that this could have been caused by the fact that my ancestors came from a Mediterranean Country, or North Africa,  somewhere in the distant past, and they are in fact could it be dark skinned.

As we don't get a lot of sun in the North East of England, it has a knock on effect on my skin etc.

This came as quite a shock to me, but after a while I started to understand it, and I actually laugh about it, because it was something that I never expected.

I have often loved to go abroad and travel, now I am beginning to wonder if this is from my genes and foreign ancestry.

I  guess no one will never know

After doing family tree research, my father is horrified to hear that he could have been Anglo-Saxon, so now I try to guess, at what you would say to this.

To me it does not matter where we came from, because at the end of the day people have moved around since the very early days, and in the case of the UK, we have been invaded from the time of the Romans onwards, so who knows in reality,  who the original people were or are these days.

I honestly hope that this government gets to grips with the Brexit rubbish, and get things sorted out, so that all if this racial hatred stops, once and for all

We are all human, and no matter what religion or area we are from, we should be able to get on without fighting and hatred.


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