Social care

Over the years we have seen  Social Care being cut back more and more due to savage government cuts.

However it amazes me that no one in authority has stood up and said anything constructive

I would have thought that social care is far more important than HS2,  which in many people views , is actually waste of public money, but obviously the wealthy of this country think otherwise

When we look at the House of Lords with all of it's Bishops  etc, I do wonder why they alone have not stood up to be counted.  

They are supposed to look after the people in the land, yet they turn their noses up and do nothing.

However it's not just the Bishops, it's down to the Government who have cut the services down to the bare minimum,  while enjoying a healthy life style

In all honesty I don't think I can ever remember so many religious people in a Government, yet they simply don't care about anyone or anything but them selves

How can these people including the Prime Minister, dare to go into a church every Sunday as if there is nothing wrong. "These people cannot possibly know or understand the meaning of religion"

I honestly think that this country is now,  in a worse position than it's ever been since the 2nd world war, yet these people cannot see what they are doing.

There are thousands of people using food banks, along with thousands living and sleeping on the streets each night, all of who should have been picked up by social care. So many people living on the bread line that this really does not make any sense at all.

I would have thought that they would have moved social care into the NHS,  before now because councils cannot afford to run the service and  thousands are suffering as a consequence of this

I would have thought that social care was a legal right, but obviously many of our politicians think the opposite
Some claim that the NHS  could not possibly carry the social care side of life. 

But if we are honest about all of this, the NHS,  is to big, with far too many quangos hidden inside it.
The last Lady Tory Prime minister Margaret Thatcher  got rid of these quangos, but they are back.

To many people these days think that the NHS are doctors surgeries and hospitals?

When in fact it takes in lots of areas, from research to thousands of people working in office blocks around the country, for the Department of  Health, and also the  NHS in all of it's different variations. 

The NHS could cope with social care, if the services were run properly and people like the weekend drunkards were charged for their treatment and services. 

Millions of pounds are wasted every year on people abusing the system, and it's time things changed, to allow treatment to go to those up in real need.

I am sure that if the NHS was running social care, they could have care homes built in so that this people needing care at home could be moved out of hospitals, thereby freeing up beds. This all makes sense to me, but I am not a  politician

Let us hope things change soon and for the best 


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