Not a good start to the year

It's not been a good start to the year, but I am confident things will improve.

Along with memory and Chest problems, my old problem with Irritable Bowel Syndrome returned with a  vengence over Christmas and slightly spoilt our holiday.

I have had to change my diet,  because it's been obvious that things like Curries and Chillies, which I loved have now started to fight back, so these have had to be cut back. I can still manage a Chicken Korma but the rest have been confined to History.

Even chocolate seems to be having the wrong effect these days, and that's hard to accept.

So it's been quite since we got home after Christmas while we waited to see how things were going to pan out. It's now a case of trial and error as far as food is concerned,  which feels odd because I thought the IBS had settled down a few tears ago.

Over the last few years I got quite adventurous as far as food was concerned, but that has now stopped until we see what happens

I confess that this IBS  was quite embarrassing at times because of the loud  weired noises coming from my stomach, it's one thing at home, but in public I don't know where to put myself.

I already had a chest infection over Christmas, so this has made life even more interesting, because where ever we go I need to be watching for toilets.

However I am hopeful things will get sorted out very soon, and I can get back to normal again.


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