Drop foot

Over the last few years I have struggled to cope with something called drop foot  which is partially linked to Parkinson's disease.

I have no real idea what caused all of this in the first place, and had wondered if it was something to do with my lower back and hip problems,  but no one seems to know

This has caused me to trip at times, because this foot cannot always clear the ground, so I catch it on uneven footpaths and stairs etc, which can be embarrassing

I have spoken to the physiotherapist department in s few occasions about this problem, but was merely told to carry on doing exercises, in the hope that the muscles will get stronger

However on Tuesday  I was given a trial of an OSSUR Foot / Ankle Brace, which it is hoped will help me get over this problem.

This was ordered at the last balance clinic in November, but arrived last week, so an appointment was arranged for Tuesday, so that I could  get it fitted for the trial

After this we went into Newcastle for around 3 hours, and the difference was amazing

I found that I could walk without having to watch the ground all of the time. It was strange to feel my ankle being held up in one position, but at least it worked.

We were concerned about the fact that this may have an effect in my ankles,  as they tend to swell up at times, but the physiotherapist said that this should not happen.

Once we got home it was removed to check thing's over, but all was well.  We had been told that I was to wear it for a few hours a day, until I was happy with it.

Later on in the afternoon and evening,  I started having problems with my foot, knee and hip, which were very sore. But as my wife pointed out, the Brace is straightening up my foot which in turn is having a knock in effect on my hip etc.

So I guess it's going to take time getting used to the effects of  wearing this. But I am sure that if it makes life easier, then its all we worth it 


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