After hearing in the News that a convicted rapist was being released back into the public domain again, I started to think of all of those abused by this evil monster.

He will be able to move on with a new life, while those he abused will struggle to move on with their lives, and may never get any relief from what happened.

The heart ache and trauma will live with them forever, and will be in the back of their minds for the rest of their lives. They will never really trust anyone, ever again.

Many people have been abused over the years, some as children, some abused in married life by their husband/wife, some in the armed forces and others in schools or care homes.

The military seem to get away with this by claiming, that its a way to toughen up recruits, but how can they get away with this sort of thing.

No matter what happens in life, there really is no excuse at all. I can only assume that by abusing others, you are in some way forcing them to give in, so you are in fact controlling them.

I think the lowest form of this is child abuse, either by a family member, or a friend of the family, a case where the child cannot speak up for themselves because no one will ever believe them.

Children are usually threatened by the abuser, telling them that they will be ruined for life if they are to speak out. Having been haunted by this for years until I met my wife, I can understand the horrors others struggle with in a daily basis, and it never goes away.

Like others I had no one to talk to, because the person was a close family friend and no one would have believed me.

How many times has it been claimed, that the abuser was someone in a high profile or public position, and therefore the officials and police closed ranks, and believed the abuser, before the abused person.

Jimmy Seville is a prime example of this, and yet for years neither the police or the BBC did anything about it, until he had died, by which time it was far too late to do anything.

It was later on that I learnt that my mother had been abused by her step mother when she was a young child, simply because mother was adored by her father, something her step mother was jealous of. In this case motheĊ• was always being locked outside in a black dark coal house, which had rats running through it.

So I guess that to a 5 year old child this must have been terrifying She often said that she hated the dark after this, because the memories of those horrors came back to her.

But abuse seems to to be happening more these days, and it's made much worse by the fact that the media use it as a good story, to grab headlines, and this makes me sick.

Other people who were abused as children, have often complained to the independent press association, but nothing ever happens.

However this abuse often happens in institutions like schools, and even religious bodies are not immune from it, because in many cases they simply hid it from the public, and in some cases destroyed the evidence.

When a religious body like the Catholic Church, or Church of England do this, it shows just how much contempt they have for those poor individuals who were abused while in their care.

There really is no excuse for abuse of any kind in this day and age, and it should be outlawed.


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