Election fears

Since today's election I confess that I feel very nervous for all who have terminal illness or dementia

This government has a very bad reputation where the health service is concerned, and now fear that they may well go ahead with their dreaded dementia Tax.

This is not just a tax on dementia, but a tax on all who have any terminal illness, and I think many people will now be nervous of what's coming.

I can only hope that charities stand up and campaign against this, in the hope of stopping it getting off the ground.

This may only be the  first step, and health care may well be cut back even further in the future, as the country seems to be in a financial mess which can only get worse,

Sadly this government has told so many lies about the state of the NHS and the numbers of Police officers etc, I think we may all be in for a rough ride over the next 5 years.

This country is reportedly wealthy but all of the money is going to those who are well off, not to the normal working class people who are paying more tax than ever before.

Most people in this country are worse off these days due to all of the cuts, and I fear it could all get much worse, the longer we are controlled by this right wing Government

I can understand them wanting to cut benefits, but they should have hit those who have never worked in their lives, and not the disabled or terminally ill.

I have come across many in my life who have never worked, and had no intention of working, because they are well off with all of their benefits, and that to me is very wrong.


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