Signed off from Chest Clinic

To day "Tuesday" I returned to the chest clinic to see how things were progressing

I have Bilateral Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, and a problem with a Chronic  Heamophilis Influenza bug,  which is embedded deep inside my lungs.

While there is no way to remove the Heamopholis Influenza bug, the new tablets and inhaler seem to be keeping my lungs free from further infections which is good.

So today I have been signed off from the chest clinic, and any future problems will be dealt with by the family doctor.

While this is a good thing, I am left wondering if I will get a doctors appointment  of I ever need one.

Last time we tried my wife was told that there would be a three week wait, so if things went wrong I would end up in hospital.

I do have an emergency pack of antibiotics at home  just in case things go wrong, and I need to take them on holiday so that I am covered if I get another chest infection.

I guess its all down to us keeping an eye on my chest problems, and hope that I remain free of chest infections for a bit longer, possibly until the winter time, when we know that they are bound to return again.

I am now feeling positive about this now, so I am hopeful.


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