Stepping back

Over the last year months I have had problems trying to plan things out, and concentrate on what I am doing.

So I have decided after a lot of careful thought, that its time to step back from a lot of things and take it easy.

I have noticed that I can't keep up with fast moving topics in meetings these days, and that is hard to accept, but  I  want to stop before I make a terrible mistake

It's difficult I know, but I do believe it's all for the best, although I will still write the occasional blog if i can, and try to carry on with my photography. However I think it's getting close to the time where I have to say that  enough is enough.

I have arranged to complete some talks to graduate nurses this year, and after that I will have to consider what happens in the future.

It's been hard to accept just what is going on in my brain, but I feel that I have to slow down. This has had a knock on effect with walking, as I have also had problems with tripping while walking over the last few months, and this appears to be getting much worse these days.

Early next month I have another assessment with the Clinical Phychologist and  I confess that I am not looking forward to that.

I next expected this blog to get the coverage it has got over the last few years,
"218-300" page views in "114 countries",  but I find it very hard to think of topics these days, so I guess I will soon be stopping altogether.

However I know in my own mind that I have achieved many things since my diagnosis, and have been amazed and honoured to have been so involved with so many new friends.

This is all down to my family and so many wonderful friends

Thank you one and all


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