Shopping centres

I confess that I struggle in modern town centres these days, but that is for many reasons.

One of my main concerns are these very large statues or manikins which seem to get sprouting up all over the place

I have been shocked at times when I have turned a corner and have come up to one of these enormous figures, which seem to come on all shapes sizes and colours.

I confess that I don't understand why shops etc,  need these enormous figures because they are far too big to use as displays for clothing etc.

They are more like things from outer space these days and thus dies not make any real sense at all.

But I guess that I am not alone with this.

There have been many occasions, when I have stopped somewhere in a clothing shop, and when I have turned,  I have been right next to one of these things, and then end up getting a shock.

No one seems to have any idea as to why these things are unused at all because of the shear size.

These statues can also be seen on the streets around town centres, and many people are spooked by these, but I guess thus happens when your brain is not working as it should do.

I often have to look at things a few times to work out if they are real or imaginary which does not help, but that's all down to my illness, but I wonder how many others are troubled by these things these days


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