Weekened away

This weekend we decided to go and stay in our static caravan in Barnard Castle.

It has been a stressful week as we were trying to sort out problems with a mobile phone, and ended up changing the phone twice, because they were not picking up the signal as they should. 

After a stressful time talking to our provider we decided to go away to try and relax.

We started loading up the car, and then I dropped the caravan television breaking its base. 

This was not a good start, but we took the other television out of our back bedroom, and my wife carried it out just in case I dropped that one. I confess that the television box bottom fell out, but I suppose it's really my fault for not having my hand under  the box as I carried it.

The weather was lovely but I had two very bad nights, and in the end we were close to coming home early, but I wanted to try a third night. 
That third night all went off well and I slept through without any problems. 

We had a lovely relaxing weekend, with lovely weather and that made up for a terrible week.

Now we are home and back to normal again. Tomorrow I need to go to the post office to pick up the new mobile phone, and hope it works properly. 

Here's hoping for s descent week without anymore horrors at night. 


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