Problems in dementia

I know that many of us struggle to cope with dementia, but many also struggle with the extra problems like very graphic nightmares and dreams.

Looking at this from a new angle, I do wonder how many people have lived in war zones before this illness, or through other nightmares in life which could come back and have a serious impact on our lives later, like these graphic nightmares.

Many people had problems with being bullied or were abused in younger times, and had no one to turn to for support and help.

These are I suppose some of the things which could have a serious effect later in life, and come back to haunt us.

Many of these things could either have been blocked out of the memory for one reason or another, or simply pushed to one side, as they are difficult to cope with, when the support is not there.

But with all of the graphic media attention these days, these things are coming back to haunt many people, and when the brain is not functioning as it used to do, it is harder to block out.

I do wonder why the press do this, but they obviously never consider those who may have been affected by these problems.

I know that when I was diagnosed the second time, and talked about these graphic nightmares and dreams, it was something that the clinical psychologist spoke about.

Every time the news is on these days it's violence or conflict on one or other country, or wall to wall coverage of sex abuse etc, and it's harder for many to cope with because of the saville inquiry these days.

When we look back to the 1960s etc, there was little or no support, and if you were abused by someone that was well known by the family, and as many have said, no one would ever believe there side of the story.

Many have spoken about being beaten by family members, after trying in vain to report the abuse, because it was called fairy tales, lies or just imagination.

Yet we are see these poor people on television every day, complaining that no one believed them

The Catholic Church had problems also and that is still rumbling on, and many people have not even had apologies or acknowledgements from the authorities.

Even these days people complain about the total lack of support, so it's possible that these things could come back and haunt people later in life.

Perhaps one of these days it will all fit into place, and people will feel happier, but the guilt and fear may still exist in their memories for years, and may well come back like childhood memories when dementia strikes.

That is a real fear, fear that they were to blame not the abusers or bullies, and it's possible that this will torment them right up to the end.


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