Dementia and eyesight problems etc

After over a year of tests on my eyes, which has ended with me getting new glasses fitted with prisms, I am starting to think that dementia causes many health problems

I knew that my hearing had become acute on certain days, but when my eyes started to play up it was a different game

Even with the new glasses I still have had problems at times, so I am now convinced that its all down to the dementia which changes how we see things

Although the prisms have stopped the double vision, I still get blurred vision at times, but that's life.

 I have heard that its down to the brain, which is starting to fail, due to dementia.

So on reflection I guess that if the brain is starting to fall apart, it stands to reason that other parts of the body will also fail, such as hearing and eyesight etc

This also explains why, I was always right handed and now my left hand is faster than the right, something that was distressing especially when typing. I got over this by using voice activated software on my computer

But this has also caused accidents at home when doing DIY projects, because my left hand got into many places it should never have gone, ending with burns and cuts.

This is a hazard which I find very hard to cope with at times, and has meant  that many hobbies etc, are now something in the past, never to be tried again.

Obviously this is all down to changes in the brain, although it does not help me.

It now means that when I wish to do something, I have to try to think first, but this problem is easier said than done, because I do not always remember to think things through.

After being an Engineer for 30 years, I now find that I am in the position where I can no longer make decisions where my own safety is concerned, and that is something which quite frightening.

All part of a brain which is disappearing.


  1. Ken, which make of voice activated software did you get for you computer nd how much approximately did it cost please? I am on FB Ken if you can send me a message there. Thankyou Freda

  2. Its called Dragon 8 software as is used used by the Health Service in the UK. We bought it through Amazon UK, but i don't know how much it is these days, as we bought it two years ago, when i first started struggling.

  3. Thankyou Ken that is very useful to know and I can look it up on Amazon. All the best Freda


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