Confused and new day with a new start

I have realised today that I am no longer going to be able to type using the keyboard, as I am making too many mistakes, something which I find hard to accept

So today I am going to start using voice activated software to write everything like my blog and presentations.

This is going to be difficult, but its the only way I can carry on.

My eyes are struggling to see the keys on the keyboard at times, so I will have to change everything to see what happens

I am going to reload the software today, so that I can use the laptop computer, to do all of this, and then perhaps I will give it all a try tonight

This is made much worse by the fact that I am out of sync again when typing. I had problems months ago then it settled, but now its started all over again. For some reason my left hand has got faster than my right when doing things, yet I have always been right handed, so I am totally confused as to what is happening

This could account for the mistakes I have had at home when doing things, and sometimes knocked things over with my other hand

I can only put this down to a confused brain somewhere along the line.

We lost our old consultant and I am not due to see the new consultant for a few months, so I cannot ask anyone what is happening


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