Changes with in the NHS

The NHS is now discussing reforming the letters sent out by hospital doctors, in the hope of removing the jargon, 

The whole idea is to make these letters easy to understand by patients, without all of the medical jargon which comes within them,  but some doctors argue that these letters should be digital, thereby cutting costs, and by that, I guess emails

When will these officials ever accept that many people including elderly, do not understand computers etc, and therefore will not have access to digital letters

However as i said before, its not just the elderly, it covers quite a lot of people living within the UK many of who simply don't understand social media

Will these officials ever take this on board, or is this another way to keep people in the dark.

Considering the fact that most medical letters are written out by secretaries etc, not doctors, I wonder just what these people are hoping to achieve by this project.


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