Why blame the elderly for everything

Over the last few years we have heard the elderly being blamed for nearly everything that has gone wrong in the UK.

We were told that the problems within the NHS were all caused by the elderly who were blocking up the beds, even though in most cases, it's caused by the fact that many local authorities stopped providing social care. 

This in turn meant that those who cannot afford to pay for private care homes, and don't have any support at home are left in hospital after they have had a fall or have been ill, etc. 

But like it or not, this all goes back to the Government who have slashed the support and are starving the county council's, and this has the knock on effect.

It's certainly not the fault if the elderly but the government, and the vast cost of care homes, all of which have to pay their directors and shareholders etc.  

We must remember that many elderly people worked hard and paid their national insurance to cover our retirement, so its not our fault, but the last few governments who have changed the rules on retirement ages etc.

Now today we hear the Brexit is all down to the elderly in the country. 

But here again, many elderly don't really care about the lies we were told about this by politicians, but they realised that although we are paying to be part of the European community, we also have the security of working with these countries, and like it or not, this country has starved of it's security and armed forces over the years, and we could end up in a lot if trouble through this. 

The elderly understand most of this, but also realise that the politicians told us a pack of lies about the  whole story, because many have served in the armed forces, either by signing up or have done National Service. Most politicians have never ever served their country

Our children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer in the end, not these wealthy politicians who from all accounts are making a vast amount of money out of this 

We must remember that must of the elderly have worked had for all, if not most of their lives, and have paid their taxes in full, unlike today when we hear of most well off people are getting away with paying only the basic tax, and sending the rest abroad.

This is the cause of most of the UK problems today, because of people banking abroad and hiding their real salaries.

So please stop blaming the elderly for everything which is wrong in this country, blame the politicians


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