Raising Awareness of Lewy Body Dementia

Are you considering a charity fundraising event in the future, or considering doing something positive as a New Years Resolution, if so  why not consider supporting the Lewy Body Society.

Charity events run through out the year, and range from small family events, to large local or national events, so please think of this wonderful charity if you want to do a charity run etc.

As an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, I would like to encourage people to support us in any way they can

This is a small charity which is totally dedicated to those living with, or  caring for someone with  Lewy Body Dementia in the United Kingdom 

We need all of the support we can get, so we can promote the charity, in the hope that we can get a higher profile for Lewy Body Dementia, and also for those living with this form of Dementia and their carers,  within the UK. 

So if you are considering doing a sponsored event for a wonderful caring charity, please come and support this wonderful charity, which does so much to help those with this form of Dementia, within the UK

If you are unsure what the illness is, or need to know more about it, why not look at our new video about Lewy Body Dementia, which is on our website. This was filmed this year and it's now doing it's rounds on Social Media under Lewy Body Society. Org. UK 

    The more people Who Know, The Fewer People Who  Suffer

The Lewy Body Society
Hudson House
8 Albany Street
Telephone 0131 473 2385
Email : info@lewybody.org
Press enquiries lewybodypress@gmail.com


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