Inappropriate touching

I hope I got this title spelt correctly, because I struggle with my spelling  these days,  and don't always see obvious mistakes

But over the last week or so we have heard lots about inappropriate touching in the news, as far as parliament is concerned

But this is something that has always worried me since my diagnosis, because when you are living with Lewy Body, or and other form of Dementia, you don't always think of the obvious.

I confess that there are times when you don't think correctly,  and some people don't make allowances for your illness.

What used to be classed as normal years ago has now changed, and in some cases it's become a minefield to deal with.

I was always nervous when it came to the opposite sex, but after seeing the news recently I have started to wonder where this will all end up

I guess those in the news have had little regard towards the opposite sex, and that's been their problem

But I never know how to deal with people these days,  as it takes so long to think things through 
I guess quite a lot of people with dementia are going to get caught out now, simply because they may be trying to be friendly.

What people with dementia class as friendly gestures, may well be taken  the wrong way by people who are able to think clearly, and I guess that carers etc, may well have to think carefully about this especially when it comes to meeting others in meetings or groups.


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