Call centres and Dementia

Over the years many of us have used big companies, when we buy British  products, only to find that they base their call and support centres abroad.

To me it's a nightmare, because half of the time they have very strong accents, and some don't treat the customers with respect

This is a total headache if you have hearing problems, or have problems understanding what they were trying to say.

I honestly don't understand why these companies use countries where their accent is difficult to understand

While it may be cheaper to use foreign labour, it does not help customers, who can't understand foreign accents

I have a virgin mobile phone under my name, and because I was having problems I phoned a call centre for support, only to find that it was in India or somewhere like that.

The noise was horrific, with lots of people talking, and the lady had a very strong accent

I got no where so I ended up going to Newcastle, and went into the virgin shop where a young gentleman managed to sort my problem out .

Thank you Virgin Media Newcastle upon Tyne


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