Many people enjoy fireworks,  and when I was younger I enjoyed them.

These days I struggle and get startled very easy, but I guess it's because these things are much louder than they were before, and my brain does not cope with noise the way it used to do.

Recently I wondered how military people coped with these very loud landmines as I believe they are called..

These things seem to shake the house when they go off, and I confess they terrify me at times.

To today I heard that the Chelsea Pensioners were writing to groups running firework displays, asking them to think about people with post traumatic stress, from military action.

While I don't think many people will take any notice, I confess that I cannot really  understand what these people may be going through when they came home injured from war. 

But they must be so mentally scarred, that these noises bring back many unwanted nightmares of war zones.

Trying to  live with the nightmares and horrors of what went on, and trying to rebuild their lives, while others set off these very large fireworks around them..

However it's not just troops, we must also think of or pets and wild animals, along with our elderly and those who are seriously ill with perhaps heart problems.

While no one wants to spoil anyone else's fun, I guess we have to consider others in these  groups, because some of these very loud fireworks  or landmines as they are called can frighten many others


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