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Today I was sent a link to an Independent  Dementia Group In Derby, called the Hardy Group. 

This sounds a really nice group, for people living with Dementia, because it inspires them to remain active, after their diagnosis, when its far too easy to sit back and do nothing.

To me this is everything a Dementia group should be, encouraging people to remain active, and I feel proud and honoured  to know both Dave and Heather Roberts, who put so much time and effort, into running this wonderful group 

However, like everything else these days,  it costs a lot of money to keep these groups going, but I am hoping that we can encourage people in this country to step up and help with the running costs, to a brilliant worthwhile charity.

Far too much money goes into these Larger Dementia charities, who don't provide the real services which are needed these days, so its left to the independent groups, like The Hardy Group to step up and provide these services

The Hardy Group is a small charity supporting people living with dementia in Derby.  We are run entirely by volunteers and our activities are funded through grants, donations and fundraising.  We have been very successful so far in our efforts to fund our activities which allow us to put on social events and monthly day trips for our members.  For many of our members our activities are a lifeline and give them motivation to fight the progression of their condition and gives energy to their carers to keep on going.  For some, attending our events is the only time they get out of the house.
We are starting a new fundraising campaign through Virgin Money Giving and would be grateful for whatever you are able to do to advance our cause.  For our campaign to gather momentum we need to spread the word as far and wide as we can so can I please ask you to forward this email onto your friends and relatives to help us raise awareness and hopefully gather some funds along the way.
This is the link to our Virgin Money Giving page which will give you some information.
Our website will also give you an insight into what we do so please find the time to have a look.
It takes around £15,000 a year to support our 230+ members so any help, however large or small, will always be gratefully received.
Remember, all of us at some point in our lives will be touched by dementia, either directly or through someone we know.  With proper support life doesn't have to end when dementia begins.

Dave Roberts

The Hardy Group


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Life doesn't end when dementia begins. Believe it or not, with the right support and stimulation, you can live well with dementia!


The Hardy Group is a thriving social group for people living with dementia who wish to stay active through a programme of events and social gatherings. It is made up of people with dementia and current and past carers who through their own experiences support each other along their journey with dementia. The group has a very wide age range from the under 60’s to the over 90’s!

We are run entirely by volunteers most of whom are living with, or have lived with, dementia themselves. Our income comes from grants, donations and fundraising and every penny goes on providing support for our members. It is all about having fun, living life as fully as we can, making new friends and supporting each other in a community built on common challenges and mutual understanding. 

Through our social get -togethers and monthly days out we have created a sense of fun and excitement that helps motivate our members to keep on fighting the progression of symptoms and keep them out of the care system longer.

Social meeting

Social isolation is a major risk with dementia as the stigma of the disease frightens many people away. For some of our members our activities are the only times that they get out the house. Hardly surprising then that our coffee mornings regularly have over 120 attendees and that we need 2 coaches for our days out!

Days out

The mental stimulation and moral support that we provide is crucial. Our members are amongst like-minded friends so that they can be themselves. Nobody will judge them so they can let their hair down and have some fun. We laugh a lot and for a while at least it is possible to feel normal again. Everyone leaves our activities with a smile on their face.


Dave Roberts
Sue Atherton
Tony Muldoon
Bernard Crowther
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Ann Crowther
Angie Soppett
Heather Roberts
Heather Govier
Jean Bailey
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Dave Harrison
In Memory Of Geoff Atherton, Founder Member. 1944 – 2016


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