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Over the last year we have heard of many Actors etc dying yet nothing was ever mentioned about this true star who saved many people from this terrible illness  

Dr Donald Henderson: The most significant death of 2016 you didn't hear about 
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But amidst these deaths – which were all heavy blows to the world’s cultural heritage – there was one death that wasn’t as well known. 

Dr Donald Henderson died on 19 August this year, aged 87. 


Who was he? 

Dr Henderson was an epidemiologist who embarked on a 10-year voyage across the world, and managed to almost eradicate smallpox.  

Travelling around the globe - Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Somalia, to name but a few countries – his exhaustive efforts meant that by 1975, “almost all of Asia and Africa were free of smallpox”.  

Often referred to as the "scourge of the world", some 300 million people died from smallpox in the 20th century alone.  

To me this shows how little the media are concerned about real people who save lives these days, and are more concerned with film stars and pop stars 


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