This used to be a caring nation

This year has highlighted just how far the UK has slumped over the years.

We used to be a brilliant and very proud country where everyone helped each other, and that included the wealthy, but this no longer happens anymore

People used to help each other when the need arose, but these says it seems it's everyone looking after themselves, and forgetting other people.
It seems that in many places the community spirit has disappeared completely

This country is now a tax haven for many wealthy foreigners, who know how to get away without paying their taxes etc, yet they use our health service free of charge.

This includes some politicians in the UK, who don't pay their right amount of tax,  if they pay any here at all, yet they are still fiddling expenses, even though they know it's illegal.

Yet while this is going  on, millions of people in the UK are becoming poorer, and many are left on the streets at night, because there is no where else for them to go, and that includes many ex services people
The same people who fought for this country,  are discarded like rubbish by  this uncaring Government.
But it's not all down to the Tories, because Chairman Blair was no better when he ran the labour government

For years this country has called on corrupt Governments around the world to sort themselves out,  but it seems now that this country is run by corruption from one end to the other

We have more and more food banks in the country, and it seems new outlets are opening each week, simply because people are becoming desperate for food.

This country also sends out subsidies or foreign aid to many wealthy countries these days, and this beggars belief, because if they can afford missiles and vast armies, they can afford to pay their own way.

The other day we saw a programme on television where a gentleman had fallen out hard times through no fault of his own, and was evicted.

His dog who he had looked after for years, was taken to battersea dogs home, because he could not allow the animal to live a rough life  with him in a tent.

Both the owner and dog were very distressed and it's understandable, because like it or not, a dog or cat becomes a member of the family, and are not simply animals.

This broke my heart, because it now proves that this country no longer cares about anyone. By this I mean those running the country,  no longer care

I dread to think how far this will go before things will change, but I cannot see it happening soon, as we don't  have a viable opposition party in this country anymore, and I cannot see things changing until we get a better opposition party willing to stand up to this corruption.

Let us all,  hope that things change and politicians start working together so that we end up with a better and caring society, the type of society many of us grew up in.


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