Interesting life

Over the last year I have really struggled at times when using my camera, and software.

However the family had brought some photographs with them, of  the grandchildren when they were in a show in Farnborough.

As some were very dark I was asked if I could lighten them up with photoshop.

I dont often  use this because I don't always  remember all of the settings, but I thought I would scan them onto the computer today, and try to adjust the  later

However my eldest  grand daughter who has Asbergers, started telling me how to use photoshop by using shortcuts.

This totally threw me, because I have to work my way through this programme and cannot work with shortcuts

I understand that her class at school use photoshop software in classes, so it may well be fine for her, but it's no good for me,  because I know that I will soon forget the short cuts or commands her school use

I sat down later and then it hit me,  that my memory is going, yet here is a young  girl with this terrible illness, who can use software like photoshop

In some ways I find this to be very hard to accept, but in other ways people with this illness can be like a sponge when the subject clicks into place.

Yes she has terrible melt downs at times, and it's hard for those around her at the time, but she seems to be doing so well at school etc and it's remarkable to see.
I know that people have various types and stages of this illness, but Lucy is not as bad as others. 


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