Long morning at the hospital

This morning I had to go to the local hospital for a long series  of tests and xrays, before seeing a new chest consultant

After this I had a lot of blood taken for a list of blood tests, to make sure that there is nothing else  causing, or making my problems worse

This consultant was very thorough, and talked about all of the problems I was having, I confess that this was never done like this before.

Next week I have to do sputum tests over five days and take them to our family doctors, so that the consultant can make sure that there is no other infections  in my lungs

He already knew that I had the Heamophilus Influenza bug inside my lungs, but wants to check that there is nothing else

It seems that this Heamophilus bug could have been there for many years, which accounts for all of my chest infections, and could have been the result of childhood illness which wrecked my lungs

I am now waiting for dates to attend another hospital  where I will  have more tests done,  followed by a echo scan and lung scan, in the hope that the diagnosis can be confirmed

These tests will also make sure that I am on the correct medication,  and then be followed up with support to keep myself active

However it seems that I have had Bronchiectasis since early childhood which would explain all of my chest infections

So my wife and I left the hospital today feeling more positive that things were at last moving in the right direction.


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