support for those with Learning disabilities

When I heard this story on the news, I felt that I had to share it, because it shows hope for other vulnerable people who want to prove that they can make a difference   

Diner with a difference opens in Gatehead

Davey Duke's is a diner with a difference.
Davey Duke's is a diner with a difference. Photo: ITV News Tyne Tees

An American style diner has become the first part of a £2m project helping young people with autism to open in Gateshead.
Davey Duke's is staffed entirely by young people with learning difficulties who are getting training and paid employment.
Next year a hotel offering respite care for people with autism will also open on site, becoming the first project of its kind in the UK.


Ideally people with learning disabilities and autism would be employed on the open market and be employed everywhere but it's not happening so we're creating these opportunities down here which to me is really exciting.
– Holly Kelleher

When I saw this on the local news last night, I realised that there are still some very caring employers around, who want to make a difference to those with learning disabilities and Autism.
Its so nice to hear about these days


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