Child abuse

These days we are hearing more and more about child abuse, because of a scandal in Football clubs and football trainers etc.

I have heard many people talking about this, including many, who think that's it's been left for far too long

One or two have even said that grown men, should forget what happened to them as children, but in all honesty when it's this bad, it will haunt you for the rest of your life

It's  down to the fact that going back over the years, it was a case that those who were abused, had no where to turn  for help for help,  and badly needed support

Simply because no one would believe them at home, and others including the police forces and social workers,  would certainly not wish to get involved, believing youngsters to be all liars.

Many were too terrified even to speak to their  parents or family's members,   about this, because they would not have been believed.

In many cases the abusers were largely well known people, and many of these were held in high respect by all in the community, and in some cases they were people who were idolised by parents etc, so it just would not happen

But no matter which way you may look at it, you never really get over what you were put through as a child or a minor

Many of us had strict parents, who held you to the letter of the law, and using a belt etc was common place at home if you misbehaved

If you got told off by anyone either at school or by a policemen, you then got into trouble at home when your parents found out, even  if you were innocent

But out side the house you were largely on your own, and had to learn to grow up fast without backup or support of family or friends

In many cases those who were abused, were warned, or threatened never to speak to their families about what was happening otherwise someone would get hurt.

I have heard of many who grew up,  living with horrors of the abuse from childhood days, or as minors, and simply got to the stage where they could not take it anymore,  and ended their lives 

Looking at this abuse, just how do you explain it to someone close to you.

Many have said that they feel dirty or violated, and have trouble mixing with other people after this, so it becomes hard if not very difficult to explain to anyone.

I would imagine many parents would be heart broken, if they really realised what their children had been through, and if its someone high profile it must be even worse.

I always said that, if anyone touched one of my children, I would have probably ended up in court or prison, because I would not have accepted it. 

Yes i know that it's wrong to think like that, but in this day and age, it's very hard to accept childhood abuse.

It's made much worse these days because once the media latch onto it, they never ever let go, and this again brings back the horrors of what has happened many years ago.

Even the BBC who sat back and did nothing about Jimmy Saville when he was working for them, seem to relish child abuse and this makes many left feeling sick.

If the BBC had sorted their Saville mess out years ago,  and had gone to the police, many children abuse  cases would never have happened

Every time I hear about child abuse on the news, I  feel sick and heart broken for all who were put through this, and we're sadly hung out to dry by officials, the very people who could have stopped this.

Let us hope that this sort of thing finally stops for all concerned.


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