Not a good day

I was enjoying doing some gardening on a sunny day at my daughters, the sun was out and we all had a good laugh during the morning

I knew that I should have stopped early because I was feeling dizzy, but after a break I carried on going.

Eventually I knew I had done too much, but the number of times this happens these days are few and far between. I think I have gradually learnt to do things in moderation, but it's taken a long time, because I kept pushing myself too far, and then paid for it later on.

I went to sit down while lunch was being made, and the next thing I knew I was looking at the sky.

My daughter had put one chair to one side so that no one would sit on it, but I did not hear her say anything because I did not have my hearing aids in.
So it was my luck to sit on it

After a while I could not move and tad completely seized up.

We all learn by our mistakes we made.


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